Video Review: Nick Jonas & Tove Lo “Close”

In a warehouse, Nick Jonas sits on a chair. He taps his heart as he ponders on how to get his girlfriend to open up to him. A glimpse of Tove Lo’s top is shown.

 At the word “close,” his chair skids further away and moves forward some in a rotation. He puts his hands on his head, not knowing how to solve the problem.

Sitting across from him, Lo, a hot mess with greasy, stringy hair tries to reach out to him by gesturing with her hands. Meanwhile, Jonas’ jacket begins to rip. Cotton flies in the air.

Again, at the word “close,” their chairs move far away from one another and then closer together. Jonas’ tie flies off. The string from his t-shirt starts to unravel. Lo has lost her coat. Jonas’ pant leg has disintegrated into the air. At the last “close,” they are both in their underwear.

They stand up, facing one another. He reaches for her hip but gets skittish. He raises his by her chin, a gesture she mirrors. Their hands shake in fear.

Jonas and Lo fall forward onto the floor. He hunches his shoulders while she tips her chin and spreads her arms out as though they were wings. They roll on top of each other. Jonas runs like a cat around her as Lo moves on the floor using her back. Jonas jumps over her, nearly meeting her lips. She puts out her hand and he moves her toward him.

She spreads her legs out and he sits in between her. He wants to touch her but only uses his hand to direct her towards him. She follows his hand.

They scoot away from one another. However, they both stand up at the same time. Jonas takes a deep breath and waits. She runs toward him and straddles him. As he holds onto the small back of her back, they kiss.


Rating: 5/5

Irony is used in a clever manner. Whenever the word “close” is mentioned, they move far away from one another at first before getting closer. It also explains the dynamic of their push-pull relationship.

Nick Jonas, though, seems to be unwittingly put in the situation by his girlfriend. He is the one craving to get to know her and only pulls away because he feels as though it’s something he has to do. He’s scared that she will shut him down completely.

Tove Lo, however, can show how she feels, with gestures. However, the words get choked up in her throat. She fights wanting to be near to him. Lo is full of fear but doesn’t know how to be intimate.

As they lose their clothes, they become more comfortable around with each other. They are able to see other’s flaws on their bodies. It is then they truly connect. It could be argued that video Jonas doesn’t go far enough. In that sense, it’s a cheat and doesn’t quite have the impact it truly needs from his side.  Jonas being shirtless wouldn’t have been exploitative. It is conservative choice, which is unexpected, considering Lo is in her bra and panties.

Director: Tim Erem  Year: 2016



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