Video Review: Jessica Simpson & Nick Lachey “Where You Are”

In the forest, Jessica Simpson hugs herself with her arms. Nick Lachey, a ghost, stands behind her.

 She visits a restaurant where they used always have dinner. She takes a seat.

In the film clip, Samantha (LeeLee Sobieski) looks outside the window. Kelley (Chris Klein) enters the restaurant and grins when he sees her. He gives her a kiss on the cheek as he greets her. They laugh.

In the forest, Lachey puts his hands on Simpson’s arm and breathes into her neck. At the carousel, they hold onto each other.

At the booth, Samantha and Kelley share another kiss. She steps out of the restaurant, looking for Lachey, although she knows he’s gone.

Lachey fades into the forest and continues to walk behind her. In the forest, she believes she sees him and begins to sing to him. She searches for his arms and then touches his chest.

She stands against a tree, depressed.

While in another part of the forest, Lachey sings to her and caresses her face.

He sits across from her at the restaurant while Samantha and Kelley kiss again. He fades away from the table. Samantha runs her hand through Kelley’s hair. Simpson wishes she still had her love.


Rating: 4/5

Nick Lachey and Jessica Simpson really did make a good couple. Lachey’s tenderness towards Simpson is apparent, as he watches over her and cuddles into her arms. His loving smile when they touch their hands in their air is full of such joy.

However, their palpable chemistry overshadows the movie, Here On Earth, for which the song is promoting. The movie itself has two scenes included and it becomes irrelevant. At times, the brief clips are an interruption of the Simpson reliving her relationship with Lachey.

Simpson and Lachey play out their own rewritten version of the movie’s plot and it succeeds. But when the movie clips are shown, it gets confusing. The plot of Here On Earth isn’t even hinted at, only the romance part of it is shown.

By focusing on Simpson and Lachey’s real-life relationship, the video can distance itself from the movie and have and identity of its own. Like the movie, love can’t last forever – as the implosion of Simpson and Lachey’s marriage proved.

Director: Kevin Bray  Year: 1999


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