Video Review: Shawn Mendes “Mercy”

Shawn Mendes walks into an empty music room.

He touches the water with his hands. Inside a car, full of water, he screams on the driver’s side as he tries to get out.

Mendes knows he doesn’t have much time. He breathes hard as the water pours into the passenger side. It’s up to his hip and over his knees.

In the music room, he sits at the piano and begins to play. Then, he switches to the guitar.

Inside the car, he tries to rip off the steering wheel and then unlock the door. He holds onto the side of the car as the water rushes in. He moves to driver’s side. He tries again to open the locks but nothing happens. He sits at the steering wheel, thinking of everyone he loves.

He runs his hand over his hair and sits at the drum set. He begins to play, drenched with sweat.

He puts his hands on the ceiling and tries to lift it. He switches sides again and then kicks the driver’s side door.

The water is up to his neck now and he hangs onto the ceiling of the car.

Back in the music room, he returns back to guitar.

He screams in the car as he hits the ceiling.

The water has filled the car and he stares for a moment. He starts to hit the window, hoping to break it.

In the music room, he smashes the guitar and then returns back to the piano.

He breaks through the window and swims to the surface. He stands and pauses, his chest heaving from exertion. He wants to collapse.


Rating: 5/5


Shawn Mendes’ anxiety and fear can be felt as the car fills up with water and he realizes that there is no way out. It’s disturbing to watch him go through the trauma of drowning. To see him survive it is a relief. But now he has to live, which will be a challenge in itself.

It’s as though music is his way out. It’s what keeps him fighting as he plays all the instruments.  The song is in his head keeps him going.

It will also be what will drive him as he asks himself why he is alive.  Every time he coughs, he will think it’s water and he won’t be able to breathe again ever. Driving down by the road will bring back the memories of nearly dying. It’s a day that will stay with him.

Director: Jay Martin  Year: 2016


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