Video Review: Adele “Someone Like You”

Filmed in black-and-white while walking along a Paris street, Adele, looks down and then into the distance, as she reflects on her relationship. Then, she stares into the camera, vowing not to show her pain. The camera pans past the road and circles into the city. The Eiffel Tower can be seen.

The camera catches up to her, following behind her as she continues to walk with her hands in her coat pockets. She stops at the bridge to watch the Seine River. She pushes back strands of her hair. She blinks back the tears. She looks back into the camera, her expression blank ass he walks.

The camera focuses on her eyes and then superimposes her face over the city.

Her face ashen, her former boyfriend looks to her as though she were a bother, dragging up memories he had no intentions of rehashing. He leaves the café while Adele stands by the door, too broken to move. The camera pans into the café and then back into the street and returns to back Adele.


Rating: 5/5


Paris, France, known for being a romantic city, is moody and disillusioned in the black-and-white. It has seen many hearts have become one but it has experienced its fair share of splinters in the cracks of fragile love. The City of Lights has been sullied, trapped in its pride and unable to maintain its façade. Nava turns Paris into an emotional character, stubborn and in pain, subverting the traditional view of the city.

Adele’s chin quivers. Her face remains unreadable, as she struggles to hide the pain from the camera. But once she looks away, she breaks down a bit more each time. It isn’t until she sees him that it’s as though she has been put through the wringer.

It’s a subtle, patient walk through a city that offers the view more as a shield to allow Adele to compose herself and a fresh perspective on what Paris represents.

Director: Jake Nava  Year: 2011


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