Video Review: Tinie Tempah & Zara Larsson “Girls Like”

After walking into a garage, Tinie Tempah drives into Woodstock, a suburb of Cape Town, South Africa. As the sand flies, a man dances outside his home.

By the porch, he sits on some crates as women in crop tops and booty shorts dance. In the driveway, two men perform a short choreographed routine. A little boy dances.

In an alley, he rolls his arms and more women dance. A woman sits next to him, nodding along. In the center, a man leaps in the sky. He leans against the car. A man break dances. Another man does a backflip and shows off his shirt. A man swings a ball of fire around. A woman rubs her butt against a man.

In the bathroom, women are showing putting on lipstick. Two women talk in the corner of a bar as he enters the club. A woman writes “10” in red lipstick on the mirror as another woman sits on a toilet. In the club, a man spins on his head on the dance floor.

The images of the people begun to blur and fade. A man runs back and forth against the wall in high speed.

Back in Woodstock, the women dance with him. He opens the jacket and the screen freezes. He thanks the people of Cape Town and bows his head.


Rating: 2/5


Cape Town is second largest city in South Africa. The video limits the view to a block and an alley. There are more shots of people dancing than the various areas of the city. When he drives the car, he stays in the same street. It might as well be on a stage.

Once the video enters the club, it doesn’t even matter where it takes place. It could be anywhere. There is nothing distinctive about the club to differentiate from something found somewhere else.

The delight, though, is as the visuals become duller and repetitive, Zara Larsson’s voice springs out in a feverish rush. Even though she isn’t present in the video, her strong vocals overwhelm the visuals, giving her an omnipresence that outmatches Tempah.

Director: N/A  Year: 2016

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