Video Review: Bruno Mars “24K Magic”

On the tarmac, a sky blue plane sits. The door opens and Bruno Mars walks out with his entourage in tow. He holds a half full champagne flute in his hand.

Then, he and a friend drive down the Las Vegas Strip in a convertible. He hangs out the window. Outside a casino with flashing white and orange lights, he and his friends perform a routine. The screen shakes.

Under a string of white lights, he and his friends are surrounded by exotic dancers.

The slots read 7-7-7.

Inside a golden hotel, the screen shakes when Mars stomps his foot. As he and his friends enter, they dance. While at the casino, seven women circle him as he plays the slots. He tosses a chip into a woman’s mouth. She didn’t expect him to do that.

He lays the chips down on 11 at the craps table and then watches the wheel spin. He wins the hand. He raises his champagne flute in the air and the women around him cheer.

In the hallway of the hotel, he and his friends have on expensive bathrobes as they perform another dance routine. Then, they drive in amigos, tossing money in the air. The screen keeps shaking.

Outside the Bellagio hotel, the fountains rise and he rides on a SeaDoo.

On the patio, women stand in a row, rolling their hips, showing off their butts. Sitting in a lounge chair, Bruno Mars admires the view and sips his drink.

As he continues to ride the SeaDoo, the fountains rise up again. He shakes his finger at the screen, causing it shake one more time while outside a hotel.


Rating: 2/5


It’s the stereotypical view of Las Vegas – strippers, endless lights and uncouth extravagance. Mars even wins big at one of the craps table, as a crowd has gathered around him, wanting to know how long his luck will last.

Mars and his entourage are high rollers, comped at the most luxurious hotels and are provided with free drinks. Women flock to them, enticed by their wealth and power it gives them.

Despite taking place in Vegas, not much of the city is seen. While driving down Las Vegas Boulevard in the convertible, the camera focuses on Mars. Inside the club and hotels, not a name is seen.

When Mars sails around the fountain as the water rises up, it’s an outrageous moment, full of Vegas decadence. However, it’s the only one exists among the usual debauchery expected.

Directors: Cameron Duddy & Bruno Mars  Year: 2016

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