Video Review: Jon Bellion & Travis Mendes “Guillotine”

In black-and-white, with light crossing his face, Jon Bellion sings. A dancer in the background bends and waves her arms. Standing in the center of the stage, he looks at the camera as he continues to sing.

On the stage, a flash of cherry red fills the screen as two people dance and then it returns to black-and-white once it focuses on Bellion again. The splash of red is shown again as people dance.

After the chorus, Bellion is again in black-and-white. The dancer has her hands on the floor, swinging her hair, as the camera films her from below. She stretches her legs and points with her arm in the air.

During the chorus, Bellion is splashed in red as well as two dancers. The camera, filming from below the stage, captures the soles of Bellion’s feet as he dances.

In black-and-white, Travis Mendes joins Bellion and has his own individual shot on the stage. He also shuffles his feet with the other two dancers. Bellion and Mendes play the air guitar. Mendes tips his hat.

Bellion and Mendes are then shown in red. The female dancer spins around, also coated in red. Meanwhile, Bellion and Mendes dance in the black-and-white. Then, they turn to each other and say goodbye, exiting opposite sides of the stage.


Rating: 4/5

The black-and-white stylization is as cool as it intends to be. Jon Bellion and Travis Mendes are relaxed and bring a physicality to the lyrics, lightening up what could’ve been a morose atmosphere.

Filming the dancers as well as Bellion and Mendes from below the stage allows the athleticism to be viewed. The focus stays on the footwork and the movement and not necessarily the person.

However, the red does seem intrusive. Against the black-and-white, its really bright and too much. Maybe a darker shade or eliminating it altogether would’ve worked.

The video turns the black-and-white stylization on its head, using it for the opposite intention of having fun and making it artful with different angles.

Director: N/A  Year: 2016


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