Video Review: Cher “Heart Of Stone”

On two television screens, lightning flashes blue. Against a black background, Cher looks into the camera.

The screens count down as the serious expression remains on her face.

The image dissolves and she is against a background of scattered tree limbs. Her image fades to the left, as she sings with her hands folded and disappears again.

Back on stage, she is standing by the two television screens, which have psychedelic stars on them.

Returning back to the tree limbs, the screen behind her begins to show her in old photos and performing with Sonny Bono on their variety show. She is shown on the hammock with one of her children. Home video footage shows her playing with one of her children. She touches the belly button of one and sits with another. She is shown at a press conference.

The film reel continues to count again. Against the screen of tree limbs, Cher raises her hands. Back on the screen, old movie footage is shown. Former President Richard Nixon raises his hands up. She points to Ronald Reagan as he gets sworn in as President of the United States.

The background behind has been shaded violet. The footage in the background shows Oliver North. Hippies dancing at Woodstock. A sign says “Take a Hippie to Lunch.” Cher folds her hands into a cross.

Rockets fly from the air. The military embarks on a tour. Someone wipes an injured soldier’s face. People are protesting. Dr. Martin Luther King walks. Newspapers read that drugs are killing people.

The film reel counts again. A veteran waves the American flag. A monument shows the fallen. Buttons read “Never Again,” regarding the Vietnam War. The newspapers headline says “President Dead.” President John F. Kennedy waves to the crowd. He and wife Jackie Onassis drive in the car.

The screens return to the tree limbs, read the “The End” and the stage darkens.


Rating: 4.5/5

Cher wants to educate people about her and history.  It makes people aware. People need to see the footage and learn from it. She wants people to see her as a mother and a wife.

Then, it moves to national history – of Presidents being sworn in, Nixon raising his arms in victory and then to the wars that were fought. In between, hippies and protests are shown during an uncomfortable political climate.

The footage serves a reminder of what happened before. Social media is now the popular format. Celebrities have quit Twitter due to bullying. People make nasty comments and fail to see them as people. The United States is currently experiencing political unrest. While the mediums may be different, it’s relevant.

The election in the United States is finally near but it’s a tense atmosphere. Driving on the expressway, I saw a person standing by the overpass with a handwritten sign saying “Trump Not Qualified” after the second debate. Both sides are fearful – one side of change and the other envisioning the worst possible outcome. November 8, 2016 will bring some relief but many people are riled up, leading to worry about the aftermath.

Director: N/A  Year: 1990


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