Video Review: Kanye West “Fade”

In a gym, a woman (Teyana Taylor) walks around the equipment. She ticks her shoulders to the music as she sits on the bench. When she gets up, she thrusts her breasts and then turns in a circle. She turns right and then pumps her arms, stretching out her legs and holds onto her knees.

She jumps over some equipment. She bends over, hitting the air with her hands. She gets up, wringing her hands and then goes on the floor. She brushes her hands on the floor.

When she gets up again, she flails her arms from side to side.  She lies down on the floor again and stares at the ceiling, then turns her head to the camera. Then she moves her pelvis up.

She pretends to fake punch someone. On her knees, she switches both hands back and forth. She rides the punching bag. As she walks away, she points one finger up and then spreads out her palm.

On the floor, she raises her butt to the beat and then pounds her fist. She rolls over and her hand brushes the floor.

In the shower, a man (Iman Schupert) kisses her neck. She holds her breasts and the kisses the man’s chest. They continue to make out.

Back in the gym, she has feline features added to her face as she lies against the man. Goats surround the room.


Rating: 3/5

Teyana Taylor performs some awesome choreography to the music. The grit and strength in her movements are tight and precise. She is able to carry the entire video effortlessly.

Then, there’s gratitious sex scene inserted towards the end to be provocative. It’s there to be shocking. However, there’s nothing really shocking about it. Television shows racier scenes. It’s unfortunate that Linnetz doesn’t see Taylor beyond nothing more than skin. She has to be half-naked.

The video tries to cap it off with an artful ending by turning her into a cat and putting goats in the gym. Huh? She has destroyed her face. Perhaps it’s a statement on body dysmorphic disorder. How do the goats figure into it, though? The video wants to be everything to everyone, not knowing that the original idea was okay as it was.

Director: Eli Linnetz  Year: 2016


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