Video Review: Desiigner “Panda”

Nighttime in New York, a parked police car’s siren blares. Men hang out on the street corners in groups. A homeless person walks with a shopping cart on the sidewalk. With a fishbowl lens, Desiigner twists and walks down the street.

Desiigner approaches a car.

He then twists in a circle with the fishbowl lens again, flailing his arms.

As he drives in the car, the screen tilts a bit to the left and right. He spits out the window. The police car behind him turns on its sirens.

He walks with his friends down the street. A fight breaks out.

The police knock the door down and hold down their suspect. Desiigner, outside, looks left and right.

 He gets a ride in a car then continues to point and flail. He drives to a woman’s house and they have sex.

Kanye West picks him up and they head to a party, where he whips his gold chains around his neck.

The car does donuts at a parking lot. Inside, Desiigner falls to the ground. A man stands with his face painted to look like a scary panda.

 Rating: 0/5

The unflinching paranoia, amidst a child-like Desiigner searching throughout New York is a dizzying watch that aches with the need to impress and prove it’s worth.

The disorienting video uses odd angles to muddy up the narrative, making the memories of the night unreliable. Desiigner, at one point, is bug-eyed and in the midst of a meltdown. The overused fishbowl lens contributes to it, making him unhinged and troubled. It puts the entire night in question.

 Kanye West’s lucid appearance stabilizes the video for a few seconds and then it’s back to the unclear images. The video wants to be taken seriously but it’s more like a rejected art film from Sundance that was rumored to be a bomb and then causes walkouts at its showing.

Director: Paul Geusebrook  Year: 2016

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