Video Review: Stacie Orrico “(There’s Gotta Be) More To Life”

As a young mother, Stacie Orrico runs out of her home as she watches her boyfriend fight with the repossession man. She puts her hands on both of their shoulders while they fight over the crib. She walks over to their baby sitting in the kiddie pool and lifts him up. In the background, her boyfriend is tearing the crib apart. The other repossession man approaches her to sign some paperwork and she slaps it away. She sees the another man hitch the car on the tow truck.

Sitting by a car wash, she and her band sing. The owner chases them away, telling them they have to leave. They ignore him and continue to play. The owner picks up the hose and aims it towards them to force them off his property.

She runs in a marathon and then begins to walk. She puts her head on her forehead and takes a deep breath while the other runners speed past her. She holds onto her back.

At a photo shoot, she poses in the latest fashion with frosted blonde highlights in her hair.

At a diner, she carries a tray of drinks and a meal to table. However, a little kid sticks out his foot, causing her to trip. He smirks as the crashes onto the ground. Frustrated, she throws out a towel.

Inside an executive’s office, she shakes the hand of the CEO. The CEO nods to his assistant standing by him. She steps into the hallway and walks back to her cubicle.

Parked at a convenience store, she sits in the middle of her two friends, who are going over their plan one more time. She puts her black cap on and waits.

As a BASE jumper, she lands on some steps. She quickly grabs her parachute and runs to a van.

All of her personas are shown again.

 On the sidewalk, she stands in the center, wearing a t-shirt and jeans, as people walk around her.


Rating: 3/5

Each woman feels as though she is not accomplished what she thought she would. However, some of the women are more fleshed out than others and their storyline runs a few seconds longer, allowing for characterization.

The server, young mother, aspiring singer and criminal thought their lives would be much different. All are stuck in situations that seem difficult to improve. They are the ones in most need of help, thinking their lives are without hope.

However, the model, businesswoman and BASE jumper have succeeded. While the businesswoman faces sexism and the model may deal with body issues, the BASE jumper is out of left field. Whatever doubts she may have are not externalized. It’s uncertain what the issue is and why is it included.

The marathon runner seems to have confidence issues. It’s as though she has given up. It’s shortsighted, given the training involved. It’s an accomplishment to be in a marathon. To view her walking as a failure is harsh.

The video doesn’t know what to do when the women have found a purpose and it doesn’t meet their expectations. Their stories freeze in place, relying on the audience to fill in the  blanks and project their own experiences instead.

 Director: Dave Meyers Year: 2003


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