Video Review: Brandy & Monica “The Boy Is Mine”

Brandy sits in her room, watching Jerry Springer, on her silver lounge chair. Meanwhile, Monica sits on the couch and switches to an old television show. Brandy smacks her remote control and gets up from her chair.

Monica leans against the armrest of the couch as Brandy stares into her fishbowl. Brandy hashes out the situation with her friends in her bedroom. Monica explains it to her friends, telling them that Brandy is naïve.

The young man (Mekhi Phifer) holds both women.

In her bedroom, Monica, with her glasses on, looks over a scrapbook and then flips it over. The screen tips sideways as Brandy lies on her bed and then changes back to the normal view.

The screen tips again as Monica stands against the wall. Brandy listens in and when the screen returns back to normal, she tosses a rose. Brandy thinks the girlfriend is crazy while Monica is confident Brandy is only a fling.

The phone rings and both answer. Brandy figures out it wasn’t for her and is about to lash out. Monica carries on the conversation while Brandy calls him for reassurance. Monica listens in and then folds her arms across her chest.

After the phone call, Brandy hangs up and grabs her teddy bear. Monica grabs a picture frame as well as Brandy. By their door, they throw the stuff their boyfriend gave them.

Then, they confront each other. Brandy waves her finger, Monica purses her lips and then gets right back in Brandy’s face. Brandy folds her arms and ignores Monica.

The young man knocks on the apartment door. Brandy answers and he has a wide grin on his face. Then, Monica appears and he wants to run fast.


Rating: 3.5/5

 It technically may be Brandy’s song but Monica is all but one eye roll away from taking her down and giving her a Come to Jesus talk.

Brandy is the other woman, believing that he will leave Monica for her eventually. She knows it will happen. She believes all the horrible things her boyfriend says about Monica. She thinks with one more fight he will be officially hers.

Monica, though, knows about her. Her boyfriend has had his sidepieces but he always comes back to her. She’s been with him for years. He will tire of Brandy and then his attention will be focused on her again.

But Monica can no longer look the other way. She goes over to Brandy’s house, which takes chutzpah, and tells her everything she knows about him. She can have him if she wants. Brandy doesn’t really want to hear it.

The drama is toned down but it’s an anticipated moment between them when they confront each other. It’s a payoff that had to happen. Otherwise, it would’ve undermined the entire song and favored one girl over the other.

Kahn’s only misstep is tipping the angles to segue into each girl’s part. The video resembles a teen drama and it’s as though he wanted to make every twist literal. However, it takes people out of the story to try figure out what is actually going on upside down.

Director: Joseph Kahn  Year: 1998

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