Video Review: Fifth Harmony “That’s My Girl”

As sand flies over him, a man covers his mouth. Smoke rises over a mountain and helicopters race to the ruins of a city below. A man struggles to get to his feet.

In the caves, the young women of Fifth Harmony, dressed in black leather outfits, dance with a fire burning behind them.

Dressed in white togas, the young women step into the city, carrying white flags. A man hides behind a net. A man covers himself with a blanket. People peep out from the bushes. Another man sits on a rock, squinting. An older man, in the backseat of a car, looks out the window with a hopeful look.

The group stands in the center of the street as people watch them. They raise their flags in the air. They run to different areas. Normani assures someone it’s okay now. AllyBrooke helps someone from their car. Camila motions for people to come over by her.

Stopping in a bathroom to clean up, Dinah is lit in a raspberry red as she walks backwards to where Lauren is hanging by the end, chewing gum. They nearly bump chests. The light returns to normal as Normani slinks against the grimy walls. Camila plays it safe by making driving motions with her hands and not touching anything. AllyBrooke hangs out in the corner, under a flickering light bulb.

Back in the center of the street, they wave cardinal red flags in the air. They entwine hands and dance in a circle. They throw sand at the camera.

An explosion occurs over the city. Someone falls onto the ground, trying to escape. Lauren helps him up. Camila rescues someone hiding in a hole. Camila and Normani carry a man across the street.

Turning night, with only two golden lights behind them, the group continues to dance. Dinah cocks her head. Returning to daylight, they put their hands on their hips.

At night, the helicopters leave.


Rating: 3.5/5


After the apocalypse, Fifth Harmony have been sent in as rescuers to help the wounded and save those who are trapped. Dressed in white, with white flags, they signal peace.

Notably, they save men, who are helpless. In a position of vulnerability, they cannot shoo them away or pull a power play. They need the women in order to survive. Fifth Harmony provide the strength and calm needed to get through the chaos. Together, they work as a team, maintaining solidarity and turning to one another for guidance.

While it’s a brief glimpse of an apocalypse,  its rattling to see a once thriving city shattered while its surrounded suburbs have been turned to ash. Society has been broken down, with people scattered all over the place, homeless.

It could be the backstory of a dystopian novel. The creation of how one world began with the rescuers at the center of it. A decade later, they are adults with children living in a world they don’t recognize and wanted to help rebuild again. But politics got in the way. It’s one possible scenario of many. Fanfiction writers could examine every scene and create a plausible story.

Director: Hannah Lux Davis  Year: 2016



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