Video Review: OneRepublic “Kids”

In Mexico City, Mexico, the Angel of Independence and Soumaya Musuem are seen over the credits. By the Palace of Fine Arts, a woman wakes up in her room after her nap and checks her phone. She heads to her dresser and puts on her music.

OneRepublic walk away from the Monument of the Revolution as the young woman enters a cab. She walks in the city and kisses an older woman, a flower vendor she has known all her life. She takes a rose from one the buckets and sniffs it as she walks. A young man, reading on his stoop, looks up from his book as she passes by. He gets up and decides to follow her.

The young woman gives her friend the rose and looks for someone. The young man goes in the opposite direction. OneRepublic perform with Ryan Tedder acting as a narrator of sorts. A young woman in a cobalt blue dress walks by and checks out Tedder.

The young man comes out hiding from his corner and enters the street again. He sees the young woman talking to someone else. He stands by, with his hands in his pockets and walks to the door. However, she’s already inside. He looks to the windows above and runs up the stairs to his home.

A woman pulls Tedder by the hand and the group leaves. An older couple on the bench holds hands and gazes into one another’s eyes. A book falls on the ground. The young woman looks out the balcony. The young man throws a paper airplane to her.

They meet on the street again and stare at each other. He grabs her hand and together, they walk through a crowd and reach the front row to watch OneRepublic perform.

After the show, they hold hands.


Rating: 5/5

 Mexico, unlike France and Japan, isn’t featured for its landmarks. From an American standpoint, it is unfortunately stereotyped as the country of karaoke bars and tequila or associated with drug cartels. Its entire existence is politicized and its beauty is ignored.

OneRepublic offers an adoring tour through Mexico City as they take in the sights and mingle among the citizens. The two young people, who are neighbors, give the city an innocence and heart it doesn’t get to show. Despite the size, everyone seems to know one another one on the specific block, separating it from other major cities which seem to have an anonymous feel to it.

Mexico City may not be larger than life. However, it has a quiet elegance to it, it’s spiritiuality imbued into its architecture. Through OneRepublic’s eyes, it is city that should be discovered for its culture and history.

Director: Hal Kirkland Year: 2016

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