Video Review: Jason Aldean “Burnin’ It Down”

With his head down, Jason Aldean walks to his microphone. As the drummer plays, a row of flames burn on a railing next to him. Aldean grabs the microphone stand and begins to sing.

A young woman lies in the bathtub. She sits up, her bare back facing the camera and gets up. She puts a towel around herself and the opens the door into hallway.

Behind the band, three rows of flames flare up.

She steps on the floor and walks down the stairway, where her boyfriend is playing the guitar. She listens to him for a minute and smiles. He realizes she’s there and watches her.

She pours a glass of liquor while the flames flare up for Aldean and his band on stage again.

She takes the glass and with one finger touches the MP3 player, choosing a song. She walks to the couch and places her feet on the table. She puts her hand on his neck and rubs it.

On the stage, a flame rises over a silhouette of Aldean.

She lies down on the couch and looks over to him and hands him the glass. She moves over to him and onto his lap. She leans in to kiss him as he rubs her back.

Before they kiss, she leans back and touches her hair. She walks backwards from the couch and then does a dance. He sips from the glass and then leans forward.

At the microphone, Aldean touches his heart.

He walks towards her and puts his arms around her, kissing her. He unravels the tie on her bathrobe.

Aldean stands behind a flame again.

He touches her stomach and then she lets her robe drop. They hold hands and then she sprawls out on the bed. He touches her legs, moves to her stomach and then kisses her.

The next morning, he wakes up and rubs her shoulder as she sleeps.

Aldean looks into the camera and then down as the flames roar behind him.


Rating: 2/5

The video wants to be a safe version of erotica, arousing but not in any way controversial. It’s the woman who has the high sex drive and initiates it with her boyfriend. She wears a short bathrobe and performs a private dance. Throughout the video, the boyfriend is allured by her seduction and they have sex.

The sex holds little power when it’s based on lust. She’s the stereotype of the woman who wants sex all the time while he’s the sensitive gentleman who is trying to write music. The flames rising behind Aldean do not spread over the couple.

For all the heat the video tries to generate, a chill still remains.

Director: N/A  Year: 2014

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