Video Review: Twenty One Pilots “Heathens”

A plane flies over the Belle Reve prison. Inside the prison, the inmates hang their wrists outside their cells. A guard walks Tyler down the hallway. A security guard watches several cameras.

From Suicide Squad movie clip, Harley Quinn (Margot Robbie) hangs upside down and closes her eyes in her cell.

In a jail cell, lit with a glimmer of sunlight, Josh plays the drums.

El Diablo (Jay Hernandez) sits in a tunnel and makes flames out of his hands, which is from the movie.

Tyler enters his jail cell and puts his hands on the bars. The light around him becomes muted. He takes his hands off the bar, wondering what he did. He sits on his cot and organizes his cell while the security guard eats Chinese takeout.

An inmate yells into the camera. From the clip, El Diablo lights a match and then blows it out. Killer Croc (Adewale Akkinouoye-Agbaje) tilts his head.

The movie clip shows Harley Quinn speaking with somebody.

On a cart, Josh strolls by, banging his drums. It opens Tyler’s cell. Tyler walks down the hallway and finds Josh in a room, playing his drums.  A guitar is suspended in air. Tyler takes off his orange jumpsuit and begins to play the  guitar.

From the movie, Harley Quinn laughs in her restraints.

The prisoners break out of their cells and surround the stage. Josh gets freaked out.

In the clips from the movie, Deadshot (Will Smith) shakes his fists, ready to box. Harley Quinn turns her baseball into a gun.

The band plays on stage.

From the movie, Harley Quinn shoots her gun. El Diablo takes down a guy and punches him. In her cell, Harley Quinn puts her hands up as the guards approach.

Guards run down a hallway. The sirens go off. The guards point their guns at Tyler sitting in his cell.


Rating: 3/5

Twenty One Pilots are able to blend into the clips, creating their own subplot. Tyler is being held in the same prison as the Suicide Squad. Josh, however, seems to be the one with superpowers, as he plays in every corner, using the drums to open Tyler’s cell and lead him to the room.

In between, some of the characters from the Suicide Squad movie are introduced. It is Harley Quinn who bounces off the screen. Hyper, dangerous and flirtatious, she is able to capture attention without saying a word. Jay Hernandez’s El Diablo has a broken spirit and seemingly wants to be left alone. The clips chosen to showcase Deadshot (Will Smith) are basic and serve credit shots. It doesn’t really build any interest regarding the character.

The action going on in the clips is reflected in the video, as the band is a distraction. However, the guards catch on and believe Tyler is the ringleader.

The creative approach does make it difficult to discern from what’s in actually in the movie and the video. It wants to involve the band in the story. For several minutes, Twenty One Pilots become a part of the DC Universe, even if it’s as minor characters.

Director: Andrew Donoho  Year: 2016

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