Video Review: Jason Derulo “Kiss The Sky”

Outside a hotel, the valet looks right and left as he waits for a car to arrive while two other female employees hold onto the luggage rack. Upstairs in his hotel room, Jason Derulo ties his shoes and puts on his watch.

He enters the hallway and sees a man singing into his toothbrush. A maid is brushing the walls and another is vacuuming. He picks up a payphone and pretends to make a call. Both maids stop working and join Derulo as he dances.

By the employee entrance, he flips a water bottle around while employees take stuff out of their lockers. They help him put on his shirt. He rides down the escalator and then does a flip over the front desk. The two female employees open the door for him. Once outside, he dances with the valets.

He slides over the hood of a Fiat and takes the customer’s keys. One of the male valets drives off as the female employees bring the luggage rack back into the hotel.

On the golf course, he hitches a ride and hops onto the back of a cart.

At the pool, he dances in the center with the other servers. The customers join in on the dancing. He jumps over a table on his way to the stage.

On stage, he grabs the microphone and begins to perform. Customers and employees join him as he dances. People grab him and he moshes on top of the crowd.

Rating: 5/5

The video is proof that glitzy¬†locales aren’t needed to be successful. In it, every prop and part of the property is used as a prop as it moves to its logical conclusion.

Jason Derulo becomes an employee at the hotel. Through him, the audience can see the inner workings of the place and perhaps gain an appreciation for all the work that goes into running the business: the maids keeping the place clean, the concierge ready to take questions, the valets parking the car, the people serving the food and providing the entertainment.

It resembles more of a musical number from a Broadway show, considering how it’s coordinated. While the dancing is average, the production is top notch. The employees wear bright, Hawaiian shirts as their uniform. The hotel is five-star with amenities like an outdoor pool and a live band. Somehow, the expectation seems to be waiting for the next number as Derulo strives to become more than a singer at the hotel and achieve his dream of the big time.

Director: N/A Year: 2016

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