Video Review: The Chainsmokers & Halsey “Closer”

At a party, a young man (Andrew Taggart) drifts away from a conversation and looks around in the crowd of people in the living room. There, he sees his ex-girlfriend. For a minute, he forgets to breathe when he sees her. She turns around as a myriad of emotions run through her.

He remembers back when they were dating. They would have passionate sex.

He continues to talk to other people at the party but in between pauses, he glances in her direction, hoping to find her again.

He notices her in conversation with another person and hears her laugh. He thinks of how much she has changed. It’s as though the wildness that he knew has been muted.

He thinks of how they had sex on the kitchen counter. They couldn’t contain themselves.

At the party, she processes seeing her ex-boyfriend and keeps herself from breaking down.

She remembers how they used to hang out by the pool. He would brush away her hair. They would lie as close together as possible. He kissed her on her temple. But she walked away. He followed her to the bedroom. He constantly kept asking her what was wrong. But she couldn’t speak from crying. She left.

From across the room, they stare at one another, the same memories going through their minds.

At home, she sits on her couch, wondering why she can’t make another relationship work. She thinks about her ex.

He gives a longing look, wanting to fix what happened between them. He sees her leave and excuses himself from the conversation. He leaves the party.

She walks in the city, taking a moment to think and to get away from the regret and emotion from seeing him again.  He is behind her. She stops and turns around, the hurt on her face.

 Rating: 5/5

Something happened between them. Maybe it was immaturity or someone cheated. While the question remains unanswered, it’s best left unsaid. There is so much the former couple wants to say to each other but can’t. Now, they finally have the chance.

About five years ago, they were deeply in love. They had sex all the time. They were always near to each other. It was as though they couldn’t get enough of each other. From their shared memories, it was a great relationship but neither could forget.

In the five years, they both have changed. She is now working in an office and has her own home. She now has a conservative haircut and clothes. Whatever part of her that was free with him seems to be gone. He, however, has gotten emotional over the time, the break up  affecting him in a way he didn’t realize. It’s not just about the sex but the depth of his feelings that he was too proud of back then.

The video may be fueled by sex, but it’s the importance of words that eventually wins out. In between all the times they had together, they didn’t really talk and say what they mean. Half a decade removed, mingled with regret, it’s all they left of each other.

Director: Rory Kramer Year: 2016


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