Video Review: Nick Fradiani “Get You Home”

In Chicago, the subway train rolls past. At Virgin Hotels, Nick Fradiani sits at the bar.

In his individual shot, he stands against the elevator, waiting.

The bartender gives him his drink. A woman in a sequined minidress approaches him and gulps down his drink. The bartender can’t believe someone would do something like that. She sets the glass down and then gives him an over the shoulder look, indicating that he should follow her.

He leaves the bar and finds her at the Commons Club at the end of a shelf containing vases. She walks up the stairs, looking to see if he is coming with her. He reaches her in the elevator and they embrace.

In his individual shot, he is now seated behind a curtain.

A group of people walk into the elevator, chatting and the moment is broken between them. She steps out and he watches to see where she is going. She waves his wallet. He closes his eyes in disbelief.

He walks around the club. Champagne is being poured. People are talking. He sees her dancing in the center. A server presents some champagne to her. She takes out his credit card and shows it to him.

In the hallway, he walks past the pitbull statute and enters the room. He turns his head and the woman steps out of the bathroom in a leopard print robe open, revealing her bra and panties.

On the bed, he takes off her robe and runs his hand down her thigh.

The next morning, he taps his hand at the front desk and puts on his sunglasses. Waiting by a car, he sees the woman waiting for him. They hug and a hotel employee hands them a card reading: “Happy anniversary. Thank you for celebrating with us.”

He opens the car door for her and then they drive back home.

Rating: 2.5/5

The twist saves it from being some random, meaningless sexual encounter. Unfortunately, the first impression is that it’s sleazy . She’s willing to hook up with any guy, without even really talking. He doesn’t care as long the woman is pretty.

In the context that they are married, the role playing is puzzling. They are both pretending to be single and hanging out in bars, as though they were in their 20s again. The sex is based on them not knowing anything about the other. It’s as though they are trying to fix their relationship with sex and go back to being young again. It hints at trouble. Perhaps the marriage has become monotonous. Maybe one partner wants to be single again and the other is trying to appease it with the fantasy. Either way, something seems off.

Director: Erik White  Year: 2016





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