Video Review: Timeflies “Once In A While”

A clock on the wall ticks. Drops of water fall from a bottle. At his keyboard, Rob plays hte notes. Cal lies against the bed, notebook and pen in hand, thinking of lyrics. Rob’s head bobbles. Cal rises in the air, along with a baseball and dirty sock. Rob feels a change and he rises from his chair.

They crash down onto a couch at a frat party. People hang out on the arm rests of the couch talking. A group of women laugh as they pour beer through a funnel as a guy drinks it. A guy breakdances in the middle of the floor.

Rob sips from his beer as one of the women blows a noisemaker. They both lean back on the couch. A dazed woman tries to pop a blue balloon. Rob dances in the crowd. The balloon turns orange, yellow and green before the woman pops it.

The guy drinking from the funnel gives the sign of the horns.

A woman grins while both her eyes open and shut in fast forward.

On the floor, Cal is sleeping is next to several women while Rob sucks on a pacifier, dressed as a baby.

They stand in the kitchen. Cal pours milk into his cereal as Rob does the same with the coffee.

Leaving the frat house, they see a guy passed out on the driveway and a guy skateboarding. A couple makes out and a guy throws a frisbee. The other girl catches it and another girl continues to toilet paper the bushes.

They sit in their car, their wheels rolling but they are not moving. They drive into the street and go to another house. They take out their equipment. A loop of a girl diving into the pool sideways moves in fast forward several times. About a dozen versions of her perform a routine in the water.

At the pool party, people remain still, frozen in time. A frozen woman stands, her hula hoop still twirling around her lips. A guy, with a water gun, aims for his friend. Everyone is stuck mid-laughter. After a girl spins a beach ball between her fingers, Cal touches his heart. A girl pours water over a guy’s head in a red plastic cup.

People jump into the pool and continue to drink, now being able to move. Cal leans into the far end of the pool, trying to participate.

The video is rewound. Cal and Rob sit at a laptop and then turn around, caught at looking themselves.

Rating: 1/5

Cal is not Zack Morris. He can’t freeze time to espouse a witty thought or think of a way to get himself out of trouble. The Saved By The Bell DVD’s need to hidden away again in order to stop the delusion.

As much as the action is paused in the video, it doesn’t register. People are treated as decoration in the common scenes. The pool party, though, pops out right from the start. With the color and commotion, the groups of people stand out. In turn, though, the action has been stopped on purpose, halting any energy until the last minute or so.

Timeflies stick to their college roots to a fault, unwilling to move forward. It’s as though they are already re-living their glory days. But there isn’t really anything new to see.

Director:  N/A   Year: 2016

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