Video Review: Tinashe “All Hands On Deck”

Behind a fence, with signs stating “Keep Out” and “No Trespassing,” a train runs slowly on the track and a man climbs a shipping container. Tinashe turns on two lighters in both hands. A tire burning rolls on the pavement. A truck picks up a shipment. Rows and rows of container line the dock.

Inside a shipping container, Tinashe dances. She is on the ground on her hands and knees, lifting her butt in the air. She whips her hair around. Colors form on the screen, as though the tape has become worn out.  She rolls over and thrusts her body forward. On the hard beaten roof, she and a couple of dancers perform a routine.

Amidst the towering containers, five are open and the dancers, including Tinashe continue with the routine.

On the ground, a man kicks up sand and slides his foot in it.

With a group of three men, she carries a crowbar around her shoulder as another man rolls a tire.

It’s now nighttime, as the moon rises over the Long Beach skyline.

She walks, with both hands on the containers between her, in a metallic coat.

A fire roars.

In the towering containers, five people are dancing again with all lit in an apple red except for Tinashe.

The lights turn off. She rubs her hand down her chest to her crotch. She tries to find her breath.

Rating: 1/5

The depressing choice of setting bogs the video down. Although the dock seems to be busy, it’s a reminder that those jobs are mostly gone. The fortunate ones are getting the hours. However, it’s left the young people who rely on the docks for work with little option.

Tinashe, though, seems hardened. She and her co-workers seem ready to shake somebody down. Working part-time on the docks is not her main source of income. She has to be creative on how she earns more.

The one real highlight is the towering containers and everyone dancing in their own individual box. For a brief moment, the docks are transformed into a stage, with a promise of something better on the horizon.

Director: Ben Mor Year: 2015

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