Video Review: Toya “No Matta What (Party All Night)”

Out of a focus and in silhouette, Toya dances in slow motion.

At her house, she sits on the couch, reading a book. The sun light beams through the curtains. She throws the book onto the floor. With a remote, she opens the door and her two friends enter. She gets up and greets one of them with a hug.

They sit down on the couch. With the remote, she turns on the screen, which shows the different outfits she would like to wear. Her one friend is about to pee her pants from excitement.

Toya stands at the screen, her fingers on the chin, thinking which one she should try on first. She touches the screen and picks the white outfit. She poses and the outfit magically appears on her. Her friend grimaces. She touches the screen again, choosing a khaki outfit. Her one friend exclaims “yes.” After flicking her hair, she and her friends leave.

In the car, she puts on sunglasses and touches Earth on the GPS. They rocket out into space, singing along with the radio and dancing.

The rocket lands at the club. Guys nod at her, admiring her rocket/car. She takes off her sunglasses and the valet opens the door for her. She gives the valet her keys and walks into the second floor the club. From below, she sees a guy checking her out and taps her friend on the hand.

She dances in the center of the club. Meanwhile, some of her friends play high strike as they hit the sledgehammer on the platform. She walks to a cute guy playing pinball and crosses her arms on the machine to watch him play. The DJ spins the record.

She and her friends leave for another room. They head to the bar. A guy breakdances.

In her individual shot, she touches her body as she dances against a crystallized background in a black bra top and black pants.

She stops dancing for a second and sees a guy she likes. She steps down and begins to dance with him.

In the rocket/car, she puts on her sunglasses again and leaves, with her new boyfriend on the passenger side.

Rating: 1/5

The accurately predicated technology of the touch screen is the only amazing aspect of the video. It’s in use in her home and in the car, including a built-in GPS. Even though it’s from 2002, the video can still be seen as modern.

Despite the technology, it is still a typical 2000s era video — obsessed with the future and gadgets (realistic, though in this instance) and larger than life neon colors with a dancing-at-the-club section inserted. The video tries to fit in by being like everything else and has no identity in the process.

The outfits Toya’s wears aren’t any better. They either are monochromatic, with a bra top included and long, flared pants. Although the bra top and bralettes are similar, the bralettes improve on it by adding an extra design like lace with the intention being layered upon something. The bra top, in comparison, is simply trashy.

Director: N/A  Year: 2002


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