Video Review: Bryan Adams “Run To You”

Following the footsteps in the sand, the camera finds Bryan Adams kneeling on the ground, rubbing his hands together with his guitar stuck in the ground.

Lit in a lapis blue, Mickey Curry bangs his sticks on the drums on stage.

While sand falls on his face like snow, he looks into the camera, conflicted.

The band performs on stage.

Behind an orange sun on stage, Adams’ guitar gets the spotlight. Adams puts on his sunglasses.

In the sand, he stands, making his point and then kicks it in the air with his foot. He walks away.

Filmed upside down, he walks down a street. Sheets of rain pour down, causing the sand to become a muddy mess, flooding beneath his feet.

On stage, he points to the camera.

Crispy, tan leaves fall on the ground. Leaves fall by him as he stands by a tree.

On stage, Tommy Mandel plays two keyboards with both hands.

A leave falls in slow motion. A woman (Lysette Anthony) wearing red velvet boots traipse through the leaves. Adams drops to the ground and takes off his sunglasses. He puts in his pocket. The young woman looks for him. He fumbles through the leaves, feeling for his guitar. He finds it and brushes off the leaves.

He puts his guitar around his shoulder, kneels down on the ground and plays. The young woman gives him a questioning look, scared that he doesn’t really love her in return. She stands in the leaves, waiting.

A tree branch, struck by lightning, drops to the ground. The woman runs and continues to do so, despite the pouring rain.

During the thunderstorm, he plays his guitar. The woman jogs through puddles, holding her coat to her chest. With his leg, he kicks a puddle. She twirls in the rain. He spins around in three types of weather: sandstorm, clear day and rain.

She meets him by the sand. The rain has subsided. He stops playing.

Rating: 4.5/5

The weather exemplifies the heightened emotion contained in the song. Bryan Adams is knows someone will get hurt and experiences some shame. The woman, on the other hand, wants to comfort him and ease his worry. She wants to reassure him it will be all right.

Meanwhile, on the stage, Adams and his band performs, with each member getting their turn in the spotlight. The guitar, though, is the most prized asset, providing an outlet for him and displayed on stage like an award. It given as much importance as the woman featured.

The weather motif allows everything to come to a head. It’s a situation Adams won’t get out of nor he will cower from it, either. He will, however, brood for as long as he needs, which as the video shows, takes several seasons. Their relationship between Adams and the woman, although they don’t meet until the song’s end, is built on sincere affection. It’s not a fling or a throwaway affair. The love is real between them. The decision to move forward is the video’s focus, with Adams taking at least half a year to do so.

Director: Steve Barron Year: 1984


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