Video Review: Calvin Harris “My Way”

In a high-rise with a view of the mountainside, Calvin Harris is in one of the room wearing virtual headgear over his eyes, lit in a cherry red.

He transports himself to a home in the country. He stands on the steps and takes in the view of the forest and the mountains. A young woman rides a horse. Another woman is in a field, wearing a black dress while a third woman stands by a satellite.

Harris watches the lights blasting in a barn as he also imagines a road tearing through it. A sports car drives on the road. Harris walks in the forest.

In another cherry lit room, a computer beeps and buzzes as radio waves move across the screen.

The sports car speeds down the road. The woman on the horse runs through the forest. He watches the car.

Inside a woman, a woman, wearing a polka-dotted sundress, stands in the center. She moves her arm, discovering how the limbs work.

From the porch, he watches the satellite.

The images cut and splice, remaining unstable.

The horse is on its hind legs. The woman is nowhere to be found.

He and the woman in the polka-dotted dress sit at the kitchen table together and look out the windows. He turns his head to look at her and she does the same. They face other sides of the kitchen. She studies him from afar. On the kitchen table, the vase, filled with flowers fades in and out. Eventually, the vase crashes through the table.

In the high-rise, the woman, now in leopard stockings and a leather outfit stands with him. In the bedroom, he reaches to touch her but she disappears.

In the barn, the dancers perform a routine as teal, blue and orange lights flash.

In the high-rise, the woman is now wearing a glowing light up dress that changes from translucent to red. The satellites spark and begin to go out. She walks in the forest, wearing the light up dress.

In the barn, they stand as thin flashing lights of pink and green. Near sunset, she stands out in the forest. The dancers perform and she remains statuesque in the dress.

The satellite crumbles to the ground. They continue to stand in the barn and then in the forest. A kelly green drips over the sky turning into an idyllic forest.

The image flashes into the computer.

Rating: 4.5/5

Calvin Harris is attempting to change his reality by visiting a new one. It’s what he wishes his actual life was like. In the virtual reality, he has an attentive girlfriend. However, it’s in his head.

During his escape, he likes to watch people perform a dance routine under bright lights. It’s his subconsciousness powering through, the part of his brain that likes high visual and action.

He seems to want peace and to drive as far as possible to get it. The forest and the mountainside are devoid of people, other than his girlfriend. It’s far away from the city and he doesn’t ever seem to get far enough.

The video is more like a manufactured dream with no clear structure with endless lines and gaps. The psychological aspect gives it another layer. As he thinks, he has a vision of a new future, fixing any mistakes that went wrong.

Director: N/A Year: 2016

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