Video Review: Kelly Rowland “Train On A Track”

On Palm Beach in Sydney’s Northern Beaches, Kelly Rowland walks barefoot in the sand, holding her flip-flops on a string. She traces the sand with her toes as she thinks. She puts her arms in the air, letting her flip-flops dangle. She giggles, laughs and twirls.

Near sunset, she sits up on the sand and wraps her arms around her legs, resting her head on her knees.

During the hazier part of the day, she changes outfits to teal mini dress.

Hiding in the cave, she leans against the rock.  She sits on it, touching it and then puts her hands on her ankle.

In her soft pink halter dress, she sits down on the sand, knees first. Standing up again, she swings her flip-flops back and forth. She does a little dance and then lands in the sand again. With her hands, she draws lines in the sand and then breaks out into a run. She points to her boyfriend, filming her again, giggling. She slings her flip-flops across her shoulder and walks away, looking over her shoulder. She walks back, smiling.

Avoiding the nighttime cold, she sits in the cave, her dress covering her legs as she sits up.

Sitting on a couch in the middle of the cave, she puts her finger in the water below.

Back on the beach, she kicks her leg up. She runs to the water, teasing that she may let teh waves get her.

Back on the couch, she sits up, her legs crossed. Then, she sprawls out.

On the beach, she spins around.

Rating: 4/5

Kelly Rowland is a free spirit, getting as much out of life as she can in the video. It’s as though a burden has been lifted off her shoulders and she can finally be herself.

The relaxation on the beach, time spent wondering, has given her a release she hadn’t before. She is comfortable in her own skin, away from the stress and demands that held down for so long.

Self-actualization is the implied theme, as she glows with happiness and alive that she has accomplished something on her own, without anyone behind her, turning the spotlight off. She can burn as bright as she wants and no one can stop her.

Director: Antii Jokinen Year: 2003

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