Video Review: Britney Spears “Work Bitch”

On a white platform with a pool attached, Britney Spears wearing a custom Michael Schmidt bra and shorts with Christian Louboutin heels, bends down, touching her butt.

In the desert, she sits by a clear vanity wearing a Murmur by Andreaa Badala top and L.A. Roxx leather panty, looking into the mirror, her hands on both ends.

Standing on a tilted white square, she’s wearing a New York Trash bra, Hopeless Lingerie harness and Glamour chain shorts.

Back on the white platform, she pushes her hair back.

On her vanity, she has a bottle of one of her fragrances. A white Lamborghini drives around the white platform.

Against a white wall, she wears the first outfit but with an addition of a Michael Schmidt cape.

She sits on her vanity while in the desert, she and dancers stay still in the center of the tilted white square.

On the white platform, a woman crawls and Spears follows behind, whip in hand. With the whip, she hits the woman on the butt.

On the tilted white square, Spears and her dancers strut to the center.

In a warehouse, she is wearing a Bordelle bra, Acne trousers and Jean Paul Gaultier gloves as she and her dancers perform a dance routine.

On the white platform, she whips her head around. The white Lamborghini in front of her. While against the white hall, she swings her head back and forth.

Back on the tilted white square, she rolls over and holds onto her one boot. After turning over, she rotates her legs back and forth, as though she were swimming.

At a club, she stands in a booth, wearing a Marlies Dekkers bra, Maison close skirt, digging in her heel. Neon signs in a written in hot red cursive read “Bitch.” She then sits on a clear table, holding a glass of red wine.

Inside the booth, she pulls a woman’s head. Now lit in a sultry red, Spears is wearing a custom skull mask as she leans her shoulders into the mirror.

With a whip, while wearing a Manish Arora top and Acne trousers, she hits the ground and the woman becomes a cloud of gray smoke.

By Planet Hollywood, with advertisements for her Las Vegas show in the background, she puts her heel on a woman’s stomach, holding her by a string.

A woman has a Beats By Dre as a ball gag in her mouth. Men drink, surrounded by lingerie-clad women. She presses the button.

Now on the water, standing on a white platform, she wears a Georges Chakra  dress as sharks circle around her.

At the club, she and the dancers continue with the routine.

Back on the water, its color switches to a blood red, an electric blue and an emerald green twice.

A woman carries a mannequin with her as she walks the desert.

Standing on a white triangle, she holds a white harness which is attached to several people.

In another room, mannequins explode.

At the club, she holds her arms straight out.

Rating: 5/5

Britney Spears, commanding and aloof, saunters her way through the video. She wears couture lingerie, performs the dance routines and is the dominant force. Considering she has had massive success and is now an icon, her coolness is justified. She has put in the work necessary, went through hell and was able to recover. She’s earned the right to throw some shade if she wants.

The promotion of the fragrance lines and Las Vegas show reinforce the theme of putting in the effort to have legendary status.

The S & M element is clever rather than controversial. The Beats By Dre as a ball gag is inventive and ranks most imaginative way to advertise the product. The club’s name, which seems to be Bitch, exhibits a forceful extravagance with deeply held secrets due to its well-known clientele.

Director: Ben Mor Year: 2013

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