Video Review: Paulina Rubio “Casanova”

Inside the National Palace of the Dominican Republic, men in white shirts and black pants sweep the marble floor in The Salon of the Ambassadors. Behind a curtain, Paulina Rubio watches a man play guitar. She holds up her tray of food. In a scarlet red, it drops to the floor, the plate breaking into pieces.

The man looks up from his guitar and pauses. As she listens to him continue to play, she moans to herself and then runs her hand to her thigh.

She opens the doors, wearing a red see-through dress and dances in the center of The Salon. The men stop sweeping and form two lines on each side of her. They put their mops in the air, crossing them as they dances. One man lifts her up and twirls her around.

Against a fiery red background, she sings in her individual shot.

In a white dress, with servers on each side of her, as she walks down the imperial stairs. They take their trays of food and make their way in a circle around the stairs.

On a table, she sits as two serves roll her into The Green Salon. She touches the men’s faces as they pass by her. Silver confetti falls as she puts her hands on the guitarists’ head and chest. She runs off, walking back up the stairs as he wonders who she is.

Under the scarlet light, the dish repairs itself. Behind the curtain, some silver confetti falls and she looks up to the sky, knowing her wish came true.

Rating: 2/5

The National Palace is a majestic setting for a fairytale. However, the fairytale doesn’t really materialize in the video as the ironfisted magic dispenses wishes on its own terms, maintaining its power by giving as little as possible.

Paulina Rubio is a server, in love with the man who lives in the palace. But he is too involved in his music to notice her. Breaking her plate casts a spell, allowing her to be sultry and confident about herself. They have a split second connection, to which he is bemused. Nonetheless, the plate returns to its form and the confetti gives her one magical moment.

Usually in fairytales, the man is enamored to the point of helplessness, begging for his lady love’s return. The man in the video, seems as though he walks as though he’s compelled, his head foggy. He can’t even chase her as she leaves. If this was all the magic could conjure, Rubio should break the plate again, hoping for another shot and make her wish in as specific terms as possible so there won’t be any more mistakes.

Director: Simon Brand Year: 2002

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