Video Review: Kiiara “Feels”

At a house party, two guys talk by the sink. A young woman walks past them while another stands in the hallway, his hands across his face. Another young woman stretches her arms and surveys the contents of the table in the living room. Two men sit on the couch.

In her bedroom, she sits on the bed, letting the tube television beside her run. As she gets up, thin cracks trace the wall and through the hallway. She pauses in the kitchen to watch a pot and a salt shaker along with some other kitchen utensils hover over the table. The percolator and saucepan move over the stove. The cracks cause the wall to deteriorate, as the people inside the house rise above. The roof crumbles into pieces.

She watches as the foundation of the house disappears to shreds of wood and dust. Bicycles and hub caps from a car float in the air as she walks past the next house. She looks toward the sun and the sky is full of debris.

As she walks, a tire goes up and a car stays above the driveway. An explosion of white happens behinds her. Particles dot the sky.

Bit by bit, the grass and mud begins to lift in small chunks. Smoke snakes through the grass and takes over the area. She stares into the haze, breathing in the air.

Back inside in her room, she inhales the smoke and the ceiling repairs itself. She sits on the edge of the bed, hands folded as the party continues.

Rating: 5/5

Emotions can overtake someone gradually and then snap into a spiral with one sharp word.

For Kiiara, it she seems as though she contains her feelings inside her but when she can no longer, the emotions manifest into all out destruction. It’s directed at whomever and whatever is in her path. When she is upset, there is nothing safe from her pain and anger.

Andrew Donoho treats Kiiara’s emotions as physical and unavoidable. There is no diminishing or finding an excuse to delegitimize them. They exist and are meant to be taken seriously, not dismissed with the wave of a hand.

Director: Andrew Donoho Year: 2016

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7 thoughts on “Video Review: Kiiara “Feels”

  1. In the video, it turns out that Kiiara was just dreaming, because she was sitting on her bed and at the end of the video after she inhales the smoke, it fades to her sitting on her bed.

  2. You made a mistake where it says In her bedroom, Kiiara sits on the couch instead of her bed. (Imagine a couch in a bedroom for sleeping.)

    1. I think she’s imagining what she would like to do. Her character is really withdrawn and I think she’s going through a lot.

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