Video Review: Charlie Puth “Dangerously”

An arrow with a sharp blade flies. Charlie Puth clenches his fist, his knuckles bloodied. He bites his bottom lip.

Behind a black background, sitting at a black table, he stares down and then looks up.

In his ex-girlfriend’s eyes, an image of his face can be seen. Her face is shown and then she disappears.

On stage, he sings. Then, he meets his ex-girlfriend at the glass. He imagines himself behind it after her image fades.

Back on stage, the arrows fly near him and pierce the glass floor, causing running cracks in it.

At the table, he puts his hands out.

Back at the wall of glass, the ex-girlfriend puts her hand out. Staring at himself, he repeats the gesture.

She removes her hand and taps the glass. It breaks. He stares it, thinking it might as well be the inside of his soul. She inches away and then fades.

He sits on the floor and presses his head against it. Then, he punches it and watches the glass break in front of him.

Arrows continue to fly at him. One cuts him on the arm. He flinches from the pain and holds onto his elbow. Another arrow pierces the ground.

His ex-girlfriend stands, holding a lit match. She blows it out.

On the stage, the arrows burn with a spiral fire.

The ex-girlfriend spins slowly in a circle.

Her image begins to dissolve.

On stage, some of the burning arrows now have grey smoke around them while a few still burn. He stares into the camera, numb.

Rating: 2/5

Charlie Puth is desolate and angry. He wants to punch whatever he sees out of frustration. He still sees his ex-girlfriend. But even in his imagination, she is able to destroy fragile things with hardly any force.

However, the isolation and the black, stress his hostility to the point that he’s menacing rather than vulnerable. Added to it, the blame is placed on the ex-girlfriend who is seen as unfeeling and toying with his emotions.

None of it puts him in a sympathetic position. His rage, even though he is letting out by himself, raises red flags. Who is he really? What could he possible do? Could he cause harm to himself or another person?  He turns himself into someone who can be seen as a loose cannon and from a female point of view, a man to avoid.

Director: N/A Year: 2016

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