Video Review: Faith Hill “Breathe”

From a tangerine sky, Faith Hill emerges from billowing clouds. An enlarged image of her holds a sheet over her body while a smaller image of her stays on the desert.

In the desert, she stands, wearing a cream white dress and removing her hands from her eyes.

The image dissolves to her lying in a unmade bed, holding the sheet over her naked body. She touches strands of her blonde hair and puts one arm over the pillow.

Back in the desert, she waves the end of her dress.

In her individual shot, she crosses her arms in front of her face.

In bed, she reaches over to her lover’s side and touches his pillow and then puts her hand on her thigh.

Under the searing sun, she dances in the desert. Then, she kneels down in the sand.

She rolls over in bed, resting her arm on the pillow, half-asleep. She clings to the sheet, pulling to her chest and then arches her back. With her eyes closed, she sighs.

She continues to dance as the sun begins to set.

During her individual shot, she questions what love is and hopes her relationship will last.

In the desert, she waves her arms to her chest.

Rating: 3.5/5

The romantic video evokes a blissful morning after. Her lover is making breakfast downstairs. She can hear the eggs sizzling on the frying pan. As she lies bed, she thinks of how it’s how she always wanted it to be. She still buzzing from the whispered “I love you’s” from the night before.

However, in the individual shots, the video breaks from the fantasy as her eyes become cagey, thinking of when it might end. She takes a walk in the desert and thinks of her past relationships, the memories of repeated excuses, minimization of her family and downplaying her needs enter her mind. She hopes not to go through it again.

Faith Hill strays at the edge of the country genre’s limits with the provocative image of her in bed, breathing hard and touching her thigh. She might even have had premarital sex last night! By expressing her sexuality in such an open way, she’s giving the middle finger to country. When she’s dressed in white, doing an innocent dance in the desert, it takes on a subversive tone, challenging the rules of who a good woman might be by suggesting she may have layers.

Director: Lili Fani Zanuck Year: 1999

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