Video Review: Zara Larsson “Ain’t My Fault”

A school bell rings. Zara Larsson stands in a driveway with a spotlight on her. She brings her jacket to her elbows and rolls her head.

Inside a sangria red lit room, she stands under a neon sign reading “This Is It” with a floral drape hung next to it. She sits on a couch and does some hand moves while a woman sleeps on the other side of her. Some of women lie down, resting their foot on a wall or putting their back on it.

In the driveway, some dancers join her. Smoke filters through the air. She shakes her jacket off and enters the mansion alone.

Once inside the foyer, she raises her hands up and roses spring out of their vases. Then, they return as quickly once her hands are down.

In the sangria red lit room, she thumps her heart and waves her arms. The lethargic women follow her in unison.

A couple of dancers join her in the foyer and they perform a routine. After brushing some invisible dirt off their shoulders, they continue to dance under a painting. The lady in the painting bobs her head.

She kicks over the rug and walks into another room, lined with columns with busts on the them. A man hangs upside down from the ceiling. She waves her finger at him and he shoots back into the ceiling.

By a vanity, she checks her reflection in the mirror. As she sits on a couch, lit in a sky blue, she touches her legs.

Back in one of the room, she crawls on the wooden floor and then rolls over, kicking her legs up. The oval painting darkens as lighting strikes inside it. After the rain dissipates in the painting, the night sky is dotted with stars. Some more dancers join her and they complete a routine.

She marches into the next room with her dancers.

Against a sky blue background, her arms multiply as she moves them.

Storm clouds appear in a landscape painting. She tosses a bust onto the floor, breaking it.

By a curtain, she and her dancers clap their hands and then continue as they pass a window. She and the dancers perform more choreography inside the mansion.

Inside the sangria red lit room, she waves her hand.

Rating: 1/5

Zara Larsson’s tour of the conventional mansion, where every room seems to be the same with only different paintings added, results in an afternoon at the museum with an indifferent docent who checks the their phone their entire time but considers their position a dictatorship. Larsson will get her people lined up behind her, clapping and then scold them for making noise.

The video’s sole highlight is in the vanity, where she is lit in a sky blue.  The blue is calm and relaxing as she seems to be waking as the sun is rising. Her secretive gaze has stories to tell but she remains private.

The sangria red, though, is a drunken night as the women are sprawled all the room, with Larsson as the only one able to hold her liquor and semiconscious. Some are passed out while others are dealing with their hangover. When it stayed on the “This Is It” sign there was a sense that it could’ve been a dive bar oran  unknown nightclub. Instead, it’s another room in the house, lit in a different color.

Nonetheless, it strives to be a cultural experience, both in creating mood, and raising awareness about art. However, it has little passion for it and no interest in educating itself on any specific details.

Director: N/A Year: 2016

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