Video Review: Daughtry “Life After You”

A woman stands on the porch, watching the sun set.

He walks past a junkyard on his way back to the hotel. There, he sits in the room, his phone on the bed, writing music. He gets a message and listens to it.

On a table, a phone vibrates.

He checks his messages again. Then, he walks down the hallway of the hotel.

He gets out of the tour bus, checking his phone. He stretches his arms and looks at the local shops. He and his band head towards the venue.

After the concert, they are on the bus. He looks at his phone. After not hearing anything again, he and his friend decide to stop at a bar. He greets a guy who recognizes him.

Sitting at the counter, he wonders why his girlfriend isn’t calling. He leaves the bar and then heads towards a band rehearsal inside a sound stage.

His girlfriend goes back inside the house and listens to her messages. Meanwhile, one of the band members lets Chris Daughtry know that it’s time for them to go. The band does a huddle.

His girlfriend holds the phone to her ear. Backstage, he checks through his texts and voicemails. A crew member wishes him luck.

When he looks at his phone, he smiles. She called him back. He immediately calls her and they chat for a while.

Backstage, his band see the relief on his face and one of the members pats him on the shoulder.

Chris Daughtry, with the guitar slung over his shoulder and his band walk on stage. He puts his one arm up, making a sign of the horns with his fingers.

His girlfriend, shaded in azure, walks into a white light.

Rating: 3.5/5

Chris Daughtry’s anxiousness ties him to his phone. On the bus, backstage, at the bar — no answer. He’s not really talking to anyone. He’s inside his head, thinking of why she isn’t calling: did something happen? Is she upset at him for something? Does she not love him anymore? When he does finally hear from her, he is at ease.

The sense of community shows through within the band and the crew. Mostly everyone has heard that he hasn’t heard from his girlfriend. They are concerned for him and want the best for him. His band gives him his alone time to deal with it. When they finally hear the good news, they congratulate him.

The video has a personal point of view. For Chris Daughtry, life on the road is work. However, he is still connected to his girlfriend and friends back home. Talking to them about normal things: dinner, what was on television last night, etc. keeps him grounded. For him, he has a life outside of being a famous rocker.

Director: N/A Year: 2009


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