Video Review: Flume & Tove Lo “Say It”

In a clear blue sky, a woman in a khaki space suit descends, her body circling. She puts her arms out, trying to grab the air.

She lands on a skyscraper and flips backwards. She holds her body to her chest and rolls in the air. After a bounce, she dives over the surface, landing on one hand. She skates backwards and flips back and forth, the camera tilting.

After skating the surface again, a crystal robot appears in unison beside her. She pushes it away. The crystal robot returns to her and watches her flip again. The crystal robot then pushes her away.

The crystal robot flips and reaches to her. She runs and the robot holds her foot. She dives towards the robot and it backs off. The robot flies over her. It leaves her thrown. The robot reaches for her hand again and together, they fly.

They jump back in unison. The robot’s reflection is never shown.

Together, they fly, remaining close to another. She stares into the crystals that make up the robot.

Rating: 1/5

Trust seems to be the main theme. The young woman appears to have a virtual reality therapy session with her psychologist, examining her boundary issues and getting her to have faith in humanity again.

It’s clinical and seems to be an educational video aimed at students studying psychology. Then, as homework, the students have to point out the crucial movements and draw their own conclusions. The crystal robot, in theory, could be her root and in order to move forward, she has to confront what caused her to be guarded. However, there is little actual information to go on to delve anything further from it. But the woman seems to have a breakthrough in end and has learned to open up again.

Director: Nez Year: 2016

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