Video Review: Vitamin C “Graduation (Friends Forever)”

A banner hangs outside a high school, saying “Congratulations Seniors!” While walking up to the steps, one young woman gives her best friend (a young blonde woman) a hug. The blonde woman takes off her sunglasses and sees her crush from the sixth grade talking with one of his friends.

Vitamin C walks down an empty hallway, passing a booth to pick up cap and gowns.

On the campus, a group of girlfriends talk. Guys play hacky sack. One guy pretends it’s a soccer ball and hits it with his head. Two young women turn around and watch them play.

The blonde woman twists the combination on her locker as she listens to her best friend. Her smile fades when she sees her crush. Her best friend encourages her to go over to his locker and talk to him. She says she can’t.

She waits, gripping the straps of her backpack as she composes herself, thinking she will approach him after his friend is gone. However, another young woman squeezes herself into the conversation. She flirts, running one finger down his chest. The blonde woman knows she doesn’t have a chance now.  She returns back to her locker.

In the hallway, the school’s cheerleaders are in the back of Vitamin C performing a routine.

On the field, the football team practices. A studious young man drops his books. A couple talks on the steps while other students walk to class. During lunch, the same couple makes out on the steps. The cheerleaders continue their routine.

In class, the blonde young man plays with her pen as she stares at her crush, sitting a couple of desks away, taking notes. She bumps into her best friend’s shoulder, telling her that he’s so cute.

Someone throws a paper airplane. Written on the chalkboard is a reminder for seniors to pick up their cap and gowns. As wads of paper are being hurled across the room, some people are studying while others are half-asleep.

Vitamin C sits on the steps.

The teacher pulls one of the students from his chair. One young woman bothers a guy studying by trying to take his glasses off.

In the auditorium, Vitamin C stands on the stage as the choir director fades in and then its members.

During lunch, two friends look over the yearbook and pose for a photo. A guy poses under the basketball hoop, spinning the ball on his finger. Some athletes stand by the scoreboard on the field. A young man stands by the student of the month sign.

The young blonde woman waits in line for her cap and gown. After its placed along in her arms along with her books, she sighs.

Vitamin C walks by the trophy cases and lockers. Back in the auditorium, she sits backwards in a chair and then dances a little on the stage.

The young blonde woman looks around for her crush. She goes down two different hallways and then checks the auditorium. The young woman gets ticked. With a defeated expression, she walks outside. She has to talk to him. She is going to burst into tears at any second if she doesn’t.

She closes her locker and walks down the steps. Then it dawns on her where he might be. She runs back inside and finds him at his locker. With a wide grin, she says hello to him.

Vitamin C fades into the scene, holding her breath for the young woman as she talks to her crush. After they hug, she walks away, knowing the young woman won’t have any regrets.

While the choir sings, the young woman’s friends look on, beaming. They have been waiting for this moment for so long.

As the seniors leave their final day of school, Vitamin C stands on the steps.

The young woman recounts the conversation she had with her crush. They both squeal.

Vitamin C walks back inside the school.

Rating: 4/5

Vitamin C wishes she could go back and do some things differently. She would talk to more people or join a group. She would try to get involved. Maybe it would’ve given her confidence to talk to her crush back then. For her, it was only five years ago but the decisions can’t be undone. Her crush is now happily married and she never spoke to him.

The young blonde woman still has a chance, though. Despite her friend trying to get her to say something, she protests. However, after seeing him in class, knowing it will be the final time, she gets her nerve up. But then she can’t find him. Then, she sees the wasted opportunities she had and chides herself for waiting until the last day of school to say something. Even after feeling as though she is a failure, she gathers up her courage one more time. It all works out.

Vitamin C, though, returns to the school, resigned. Her regrets are still with her. Back in 2000, social media didn’t exist yet. If someone couldn’t be found through some mutual friends, it would be better to think of it as a lesson learned than to hope for a chance run-in while on summer break between semesters.

Director: Gregory Dark Year: 2000


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