Video Review: Mariah Carey “Obsessed”

Sitting on a vintage pink chaise, Mariah Carey says “I was like, why are you so obsessed with me?”

At the Plaza Hotel in New York City, New York the bellhop opens the door for as she arrives in a limousine. Outside are fans, lined up behind a velvet rope. She signs autographs for them as they scream with excitement. Carey puts her sunglasses on as the bellhop watches in admiration.

Fans wave goodbye to her as she walks up the steps of the hotel. She turns around and waves back. The bellhop drools.

In a bedroom, filled with photos of Carey, a man in a hoodie and white sweatpants jumps around. He sits on the bed, which has an Emancipation of Mimi bedspread.

During the photo shoot, an assistant holds a fan as Carey touches her hair. The photographer asks for the assistant to come over again. The assistant holds the fan, keeping Carey’s chest area dry.

With shopping bags in each hand, Carey walks. A man with a hoodie covering his head follows her. She turns and sees the man, realizes who it might be and her mouth crumples, annoyed that again, the guy found her.

Back at the photo shoot, another assistant fluffs her hair and then holds up an umbrella.

In the bedroom, the man has shelves of Carey’s perfume and dolls. He puts his hands on his head, trying to piece his mind together.

Carey makes a break for it and runs as fast as she can in her heels up the steps to the hotel. But the man in the hoodie catches up and blocks her from getting back inside.

The photographer instructs to put her hand by her chin and tilt her head back. She complies.

In the bedroom, the man does push-ups.

She poses against a navy blue background, a too-small gold sequined bra and hot pants with a graphite open blouse. She tugs on the bottom of it, wanting it to cover her crotch.

On the vintage chaise, she reverses to the side and puts her butt up in the air as the photographer reloads film into his camera.

The man in the hoodie waits by a pole across the street. She walks down the steps of the hotel.

In the bedroom, the man in the hoodie caresses his lifesize cutout of Mariah Carey from the reissue of the Emancipation of Mimi album.

She waits for the limousine. The man with hoodie begins to film her on his phone. He keeps pressing the button until he gets run over by a bus. She puts her hands over her mouth and then stares off into the distance, hoping someone will believe her when she’s says it just happened.

She crawls around on the vintage chaise as the photographer continues to take photos.

Rating: 1/5

Mariah Carey puts on her best Regina George, even quoting of the character’s line from “Mean Girls” and makes her own slam book video entry.

For “Most Pathetic and Washed-Up,” she dresses up as rapper Eminem, pretending to be a delusional fan who tracks her every move and believes to be in a relationship with her. However, like Regina George, she takes it too far, swinging her iconic status around like it was a sword, continuing a petty fight out of embarrassment of not being told that she’s awesome and he was honored for the single date. For that, he must pay and get hit by a bus in one of her videos, just like Regina George  It’s unfair retribution.

It’s Eminem who should be in the gymnasium, raising his hand if he ever felt victimized by Mariah Carey. She is giving credence to his quote to Rolling Stone in 2002 that “I just don’t like her as a person.” By continuing to pull immature tantrums like the video, it makes one wonder who else in Hollywood has she screwed over.

Oh Mariah, I wish we could all just get along like we used to in middle school.

Director: Brett Ratner Year: 2009


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