Video Review: Nelly Furtado “Spirit Indestructible”

The theater lights turn to the center of the stage. On a miniature piano, a child plays the piano, accompanying Nelly Furtado as she performs on stage.

On the beach, a bonfire roars as a man dances around it.

While on stage, a swarm of crystals, emitting a white light hover above Furtado.

It transports to the top of the snowy mountains, where she continues to perform. She raises her fists. As she raises her arm, bits of snow sprinkle by her.  In between, she dances in a Tuscan sun  dress.

On the beach, a man runs his foot along the surf and arches his back.

Furtado, on the beach, in an earthy dress, looks to the sky.

The screen flashes back to the bonfire and Furtado looking down at the snow.

She walks to the beach with a band following behind her.

On the mountain, she holds her hands in prayer.

With each beat, the screen changes frame by frame showing bits of all the previous scenes.

A group of people dance around the bonfire. The man does a flip on the beach.

On the beach, in the earthy dress, Furtado turns to ash.

Rating: 4/5

Nelly Furtado connects with the earth, air, fire and water in her quest to find spiritual fulfillment. She withstands the harsh temperatures on a wintry mountain, breathing in the suffocating cold air into her lungs. She dances around the bonfire, letting the heat drain the negativity out of her body.

By the water, she seeks community. She brings a band together and they all play music, reaching one another through creativity. She seeks to understand what she can’t see, having faith in an invisible guide.

In nature, she finds peace, which exhibits a purity she can’t comprehend. The tranquility has allowed her mind to slow down and hear her thoughts. As she feels is part of the earth, at the end, she becomes it.

The spirituality presented has no specific religion attached to it nor does it have rituals. The ethereal video wants to people to have faith in themselves and to believe in humanity, connect with others who can provide hope and love.

Director: Aaron A Year: 2012

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