Video Review: Adam Lambert “Ghost Town”

In black-and-white, it’s a full moon over an abandoned pier. A mobile home has been torn apart and a tire rests on the dented side.

In his individual shot, Adam Lambert faces left and then right.

A recliner, its stuffing exposed from being outside, sits on a field.

Lambert glares to the right of him and then fades as he continues to sing on the right. The screen darkens his face to a midnight place, his eyes glowing. His face inverts. Still midnight black with glowing eyes, he snarls.

Three women, in mostly lace and fishnets, dance and stretch. One woman puts her finger to her mouth, ready to strike at her prey. Men and women begin to dance.

Lambert lifts the collar of his jacket to his chin and back again.

Lights flash on and off while the men and women dance.

A woman kicks her leg up beside Lambert’s shadow.

Lambert’s profile takes up the screen as a darkened version of him is in the center, his arms out.

Amidst the smoke, Lambert crosses his arms as the dancers perform their routine around him.

The lights flash on and off again as the dancers perform. In silhouette, he puts out his arms which is intercut with the dancers.

The silhouette version of Lambert takes over the screen.

Rating: 4/5

The literal ghost town shown in the opening may be lost. However, its former residents, the feral dancers and a wild-eyed Adam Lambert, are in purgatory in a nameless place.

No one is really alive but not truly dead, either. They exist in an animal state, treating each other as prey, ready to feast on the meek who enter. Lambert, at one point, was human. However, he soon became bloodthirsty, the ennui of his current life seeping into his being and poisoning him.

Hype Williams’ gives the black-and-white a chilling feeling. Something horrible happened to turn it that way and the last few residents are still suffering. It’s a place people read about in haunted places, devouring the story behind it and wanting to visit to see if it’s true.

Director: Hype Williams Year: 2015

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