Video Review: John Legend “Love Me Now”

John Legend stands on his front lawn.

In Domiz Refugee Camp in Northern Iraq, a child runs in the street. A couple walks down the street together, gazing into each other’s eyes. The boyfriend greets his family.

A boy waits for a man outside while he gets a haircut.

The father washes his face by a sink. A woman, in a wedding gown, gets the final touch of makeup on her face.

A man puts on his shoes and dress coat.

In Orlando, Florida a couple walks by Pulse Nightclub. Back home, the man puts his hand on his boyfriend’s shoulders as he laughs.

A couple pays their respects to friends who died in the massacre.

Two children chase a dog in Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic through trash and pieces of trees on the beach. A couple lies in bed, cuddling. They  then walk through the neighborhood.

A little boy, holding a kitten, smiles while a little girl pouts.

At the Standing Rock Reservation, North Dakota, a couple embraces and looks at the sun. As they walk, the man takes in the beauty of his wife.

At home, Legend, wife Chrissy Teigen and their baby, Luna sit on the couch together.

Teigen joins him outside, holding him close and whispering in his ear.

All the couples are showing holding hands.

Legend runs his hand through Teigen’s hair.

In North Dakota, a man rides his horse while a little girl sits with her mother in the Dominican Republic. A couple surfs in the water.  A little girl flies a kite in Iraq.

In a mirror, a man applies makeup on his face.

In Iraq, a man opens the door for his wife and holds her hand as she steps out of the car. At the reception, sparklers are going off on both sides of an arch while a server carries a cake. They cut they cake together and feed it to each other. Then, they have their first dance.

A couple dances at Pulse.

Teigen kisses Legend on the front lawn.

In Iraq, little kids raise their hands in victory.

A message written on the screen thanks everyone for participating in the video and urges people to care about one another.

Rating: 5/5

Kindness and compassion have been taken for granted. replaced with apathy and an us vs. them mentality. As an American, the rights and freedom we have had for so long are vulnerable. No longer can it be assumed the hatred and suppression will go away. Somehow, hope feels out of reach with January 20, 2017 feeling like an ending rather than a beginning in a new chapter of America’s history.

Legend offers a voice for those in the United States who are fearful of what’s to come: gay couples in Orlando, who are still grieving for friends lost and visit the club every weekend as a sanctuary from the cruelty they face on a daily basis and the Native Americans in North Dakota, who want to stop the pipeline from entering their reservation, which would damage their resources.

He also offers voices to those of people who live in other countries, like Iraq or the Dominican Republic, that may seem faraway and unreal to those in the United States. Little kids and families exist there even though the country may be only be a newspaper headline in an American newspaper. With any new foreign policy decisions, the little kids featured in Iraq and Domician Republic will be affected as much as American children.

Most importantly, Legend is using his celebrity to promote diversity and educate others about current political events by putting human faces on them.

Director: Nabil Elderkin Year: 2016

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