Video Review: Sara Bareilles “Brave”

Outside a building, Sara Bareilles adjusts her video camera.

At a gym, a man bounces by the treadmills.

On a bench inside a mall, a man moves his legs around.

At a library, a young man gets up from his chair.

A man walks by a bus stop.

Bareilles begins to sing in front of the camera.

The young man in the library begins to dance as everyone studies, as well as the man in the gym and the mall. A woman begins dancing by some street vendors.

At the gym, the guy in the corner starts to stare.

At a Halloween festival, a young woman dances while at the library, a student stops taking notes and gives the young man dancing an irritated look. Back at the gym, a guy watching from next treadmill over stands with his hands on his hips, wondering what to do.

Bareilles touches her heart.

A man films the guy dancing at the mall. On a bench, the people watching the young woman dancing in front of them do not move and merely tolerate her presence. However, a woman does begin to film her on her phone.

At the street vendor, an older gentleman joins the woman. People begin to watch. The man at the bus stop begins to get filmed by someone.

The guy dancing at the mall pulls the young girl off the bench and into the commons area with him.

Bareilles walks through the downtown area. The dancers soon follow behind her.

The man pushes up his red socks at the gym. The young woman at the Halloween festival puts her hand on the guys’ leg and then holds onto it once she reaches the ground.

The dancers join Bareilles in her area.

An older lady dances with the woman by the street vendors. Another older lady joins the man at the bus stop. The student begins to smile, losing her sour expression.

As the young man dances in the library, a young woman walks up and tries to follow his moves. The student thinks, “there’s going to be more people?” and then returns back to her book.

At the mall , a man asks another person if the dancing was part of the video.

Bareilles turns the camera off.

Rating: 3/5

People are not cardboard cutouts. They are individuals with each their own feelings and desires. However, if people do not look a certain way, they are seen as weird. In the video, people embrace their weirdness.

For some, it’s more that they are free spirits, like the guy in the mall. He’s comfortable in his own skin and wants to live life to the fullest. He has a sense of adventure and precision to his movements, suggesting his ambitions are higher but he’ll take the local mall for now. The dancer in the library wants a break from the seriousness around him. His dance reflects a joy and a loving heart. He seems really sweet and when the girl gives him a nasty look, there’s a need to tell her that life is not all mid-terms and books.

However, the bus stop guy seems to be about attention. There is a desperation to be noticed with no self-awareness to it. Meanwhile, the young woman a the Halloween festival is annoying. Both seem to believe they are super special and use the outcast stereotype as a ploy for sympathy.

While most of the people are sympathetic, the bus stop guy and Halloween festival woman spoil the entire video. They feed into the stereotype of why weird people are sometimes ignored and cast aside. A family member needs to tell them to stop and teach them social skills.

Director: Rashida Jones Year: 2013

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