Video Review: Thomas Rhett “Star Of The Show”

In their family room, Thomas Rhett and his girlfriend sit on the couch. She tosses a football in the air and throws it to him before she leaves for the kitchen. He gets up from the couch and walks into three cardboard cutouts of himself, which takes him to the road.

As he walks down the road, he throws the suspended football and takes the guitar (which was also suspended in air) from a crew member. He walks into two cardboard cutouts of himself playing the guitar while in the background, a guitarist walks into his cutout.

Through a tunnel, he enters two more cutouts as he performs on makeshift stage. Some men dance while a crew member rotates the stage.

From the stage, he walks into another cutout as photographers take his picture. On the other side of the velvet rope, a photographer catches up with his own camera, which is suspended in the air.

Smoke filters through the air as he walks into two more cutouts. He enters into a taxi and then gets out, where three more cutouts stand.

As people blow electric blue smoke and splatter the road with red paint, he continues his walk. His keyboardist returns to his own cutout off to the side of the tunnel. Continuing on, he knocks over a cutout.

In the tunnel, roses are  hanging in the air. He catches some that are being thrown towards him. White paint hangs in the air and someone splashes him with a bucket full of it. He tries to guard his face but he gets soaked. After shaking his head, he walks into another cutout. Three dancers walk into their own cutouts.

He jumps into another cutout on some steps and sits down. His girlfriend runs towards him and sits next to him. He puts his arms around her as she holds an umbrella. From the left side of the screen, they get splashed with paint. They laugh and he nuzzles his girlfriend’s face.

Rating: 1/5

Not only are the cardboard cutouts creepy, they anticipate the action. His every reaction is telegraphed, leaving little room for surprise.

With an emphasis on design and photography, the video displays hardly any creativity. The inhibited poses pop out to an exaggerated degree without any true pattern in place. There are either too many, which cause some crowding (i.e. by the taxi) or switch focus (changing to dancers and band members).

The only time the effect works is at the end of the tunnel where he grabs the roses. There, some of it remains in the air as others are thrown. The electric blue smoke and steak of white paint have some detail to it, which can be developed and create some questions as to what’s going to happen.

Director: Roger Pistole Year: 2016

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