Video Review: Rae Sremmurd & Gucci Mane “Black Beatles”

A marquee by the hotel sign reads: “Black Beatles.”

At Rae Sremmurd’s concert, women in the front row scream and cheer.

While rehearsing inside of one of their homes, Swae Lee gets the guitar as Slim Jimmy  lies on the couch, a woman sitting on his lap. Lee turns and looks at the drummer. Slim Jimmy and his girlfriend look into each other’s eyes.

Rae Sremmurd and their band run out of their car and onto the street.

During rehearsal, Swae Lee raps while Slim Jimmy plays the guitar on the couch. Lee jumps up and down. The women shake tambourines.

In the park, Lee points at someone.

Lit in lime green, Rae Sremmurd perform on stage and throw water from their bottles into the crowd.

The group walk between several buses.

Inside an apartment building, they walk up the steps to the roof. Slim Jimmy holds an umbrella. They perform on the roof.

After the show, they walk around the city. Slim Jimmy poses with some female fans. Backstage, two male twins talk to a crew member.

The group walk down the street, copying The Beatles Abbey Road album cover.

In the city, they hang out by a car. Women dance to their music, holding plastic red cups. During the performance on stage, Lee smashes the guitar into an old television set.

A cordless phone stands up in shelf, hidden away from the noise.

On stage, Slim Jimmy kneels on the ground, playing the guitar. Someone throws a rose. Backstage, behind a crowd of people, Slim Jimmy exhales smoke. With the umbrella behind him. he moves his arms a little. The group walks onto the tour bus.

Gucci takes to the center of the stage. A bra is thrown. Women party backstage and then enter the venue through the same steps shown earlier. Gucci Mane puts on his golden cross glasses.

In the city, Slim Jimmy dances a little on the sidewalk. Gucci Mane sits on the bench, talking before the show. Someone talks on the cordless phone. Slim Jimmy gives someone a puzzled look in the parking lot.

Slim Jimmy runs his hands over the guitar chords. Standing by his microphone, he views the city, somber and in thought.

Backstage, the stylist fixes Slim Jimmy’s braids. A woman smiles inside the car as another looks behind her, wondering where she is going.

On top of the roof, Slim Jimmy sticks out his tongue as he plays the guitar. At the show, Lee holds the guitar in the air as though it were a championship trophy. Backstage, by some women, Slim Jimmy grins, raising his red plastic cup.

In bed with his girlfriend, Slim Jimmy plays his guitar as she beams. On stage, he smashes the guitar into the television. However, the angle is straight and direct. He smashes another guitar on the floor. Slim Jimmy and his girlfriend laugh when one of their managers enters the door.

They finish playing on top of the rooftop and walk away. One of the crew members turns off the amplifiers and is ticked to see everyone leaving.

Rating: 4/5

Rae Sremmurd are building their following and performing in midsize clubs. They practice inside a cramped room (which could’ve been a bedroom) in their house. For them, they are still working towards their goal of becoming well-known. At this point, they are able to practice on the rooftop with some anonymity.

The sometimes grainy footage has a documentary feel to it. However, it seems to be for them to revisit later on when their career is over. It offers a private glimpse of the behind-the-scenes that usually wouldn’t be presented: the women in the rehearsal room, one of the managers interrupting Slim Jimmy in bed, the footage shot from right by the stage by one of the assistants used to critique the band’s performance. It’s a time they want to remember, seeing all their hard work leading to something greater.

Director: Motion Family Year: 2016

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