Video Review: Kelly Clarkson “Heartbeat Song”

Against a computer screen, a heart monitor beeps faintly.

On a balcony of an apartment building, a couple argues. She tells him the conversation is over and leaves. He puts his head down, at a loss of what to say or do to make things better.

On the computer screen, the heartbeat flatlines.

Standing in a bathroom mirror, a young woman runs her hands through her hair and tries not to fall apart. Another woman lies down in bed, wiping her face while a third woman tosses clothes over the railing.

A young man receives a handwritten Dear John letter on his apartment door. Another man sobs by his stuff, which is out on the front lawn. Out in the frost, a man cries into his arm, reading the message on his phone that the relationship isn’t working.

An auburn-haired woman sits on the ledge of her window, crying and checking the messages on her phone. A man walks on the train tracks as another returns home to find his girlfriend in bed with another man.

Kelly Clarkson appears, lit in an iridiscent blue.

The first young man rips up the letter. The young woman takes out the scissors and begins cutting her hair. The man steps off the tracks and onto the grass while the young woman, who was in her bed, rolls over and writes in her notebook “everything ends.”

After his former girlfriend and her side piece leave, the young man eats an entire box of pizza. With her record player on, the young woman (who cut her hair) listens to music with a blank expression. She writes on her mirror in red lipstick “I will love again.” Off the train track, the young man opens his phone and deletes photos of his ex-boyfriend.

The auburn-haired woman takes her dog for a walk. Her dog gets sniffed by another man’s dog, which takes the animal for a surprise. She introduces herself and they exchange numbers. She smiles as she walks, knowing it could be the beginning of something again.

At a coffee shop, the young man (who was by the train) meets a new guy named Chad. The first young man meets someone new by a bike rack. He and his new girlfriend cuddle by a mini bonfire.

On the computer screen, tinted with pink, the heart beats faster.

As Clarkson dances in her individual shot,  she is lit in a rainbow of colors.

The young woman (who cut her hair) has added Danny to her friends list. She zooms in on his picture.

The auburn-haired woman and her new boyfriend have their first date roller skating outside. Later, they visit an art gallery. He tries to impress with his guitar playing skills. She thinks it’s cute. He scoots under the bench and she kisses him. John meets someone in his dorm. All the new couples perform silly dances.

On a date, the young man jumps on the back of his new boyfriend for a piggyback ride. They toast each other. Danny takes Polariods of his new girlfriend. She blows bubbles. They make dinner together.

On their wooden floor, the auburn haired woman feeds her boyfriend popcorn and they both give the dog some.

The young man marries his new boyfriend and they show off their rings. On their wrists, they share the same tattoos, signifying their relationship.

The heartbeat continues in a healthy fashion, lit with a golden yellow and pink.

Rating: 4.5/5

The young people who were dumped in the beginning, wonder why their former significant option didn’t want them. For some, it was as though they didn’t matter (receiving it by text) or the ex was resentful (throwing belongings out of the house). It’s as though they can’t feel.

But they receive a second chance to be happy. They meet someone while out running errands or getting their morning coffee. A first date becomes ten and soon, the relationship has become serious.

Through their depression and lowest moments, to their first rush of feelings with someone new and finally, to the committed, dedicated couple who live together, each stage is seen. The audience gets to know them and experience their lives. The auburn-haired couple and her boyfriend win Cutest Couple. Out of all the couples, they seem the most down-to-earth and practical, enjoying each other’s company. By the date at the art gallery, they already seemed married.

In Kelly Clarkson’s individual shots, the rainbow colors start out with a pattern and then splash into the other, highlighting the last block. It’s lovely and hopeful, offering a change from the usual pastel or neon.

Director: Marc Klasfeld Year: 2015

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