Video Review: Ellie Goulding “Something In The Way You Move (Version 1)”

In black-and-white, people walk into the concert venue. Inside, people are cheering and waving their cellphones to the music.

In color, Ellie Goulding sings on stage, with  amethyst visuals behind her.

Back in black-and-white, the crowd waves their arms.

In color, she sings to the audience as two male dancers march behind her.

After the audience is shown in black-and-white again, she is wearing a catsuit, with only the magenta in color as she hangs inside a rope.

Back to color, the visual shows Goulding’s face shaking in a broken violet. She bends her knees as the dancers kick and flip.

In black-and-white, she is bouncing up and down on stage.

In color, the dancers turn as she points, raises her hands and touches her chest.

In black-and-white, someone forms a heart with their hand. The amethyst light highlights the audience and Goulding on stage. It then moves back to color with a curved triangle hitting certain parts of the stage. She joins in the routine with the dancers.

In black-and-white, the mostly female audience cheers.

In color, she looks to the audience and the background singers perform. She continues with the dance routine and then walks toward the left side of the stage. She puts her hand on a dancer’s shoulder and they dance.

The broken violet visual behind her shows her face. In the black-and-white (with a hint of magenta), Goulding dances. During the visuals, she rubs her hand over her face.

Back in color, she closes her eyes as she sings, raising her arm up. The violet icicles in the visuals behind bob up and down. She joins in the routine with the dancers and claps her hands. It switches to black-and-white for a moment and then returns to color twice.

The screen fades to black and then returns to black-and-white as the fans cheer. A fan waves a sign that says “Ellie You Are A Diamond.”

Back in color, she kneels by the end of the stage and sings. The dancers do a chest bump and then continue. After she joins in their routine, the visual behind, which is a grainy off-color white, shows her eyes. The dancers run off stage and she thanks the audience.

Rating: 4.5/5

For Ellie Goulding, the emphasis is on her singing. She does help with the dance routines but her movements are light. It’s the dancers are the ones who get out of breath.

It is conservative all around. The visuals are kept to one color, with a few images interspersed throughout. She mainly walks the stage and maintains a relaxed setting. There are some moments where she does let loose but it’s kept to a minimum. Even her outfit is, to a degree, is restrained. It may be tight but she is wearing a black turtleneck with midi shorts. The only flashy part is the corset belt. It’s comfort over couture.  Although Goulding’s style of music has changed, the need for substance remains.

Director: Ed Coleman Year: 2016


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