Video Review: Chris Brown “Back To Sleep”

Chris Brown runs out of the apartment building, where he finished battling vampires. He calls up his girlfriend and asks if he can come over. Freaked out, he says there is some “weird shit going on right now.”

In a lounge in New York, he performs the song, against the golden background of the stage.

Also, in his individual shot, he is shirtless as he moves his shoulders back from side to side.

He opens the door to her apartment and finds her leaning on the kitchen counter, wearing a black lacy bra and thong underwear. He kisses her  and they move to the other side of the counter. She hops on it as he continues to hold her by the waist. They kiss some more.

She giggles and then saunters off the counter, giving him an off-the-shoulder glance. Brown grins and follows her as she walks through the dining room. He slides underneath the table and meets her at the end of the table. They kiss again.

She crawls on all fours on the bed, her butt showing as Brown takes his shirt off. He climbs on top of her and they kiss again.

At the lounge, he spins around several times before returning back to the microphone.

Brown and his girlfriend have sex in the bed and then finish in the shower.

The nighttime skyline of the city is shown.

Rating: 3/5

With it being Chris Brown, the name alone is associated with violence and harassment. However, there isn’t any reason to be offended about the sex or pop off about misogny.

In the video, he is a respectful boyfriend, letting his girlfriend initiate the sex and pleasing her in a gentle manner. The relationship seems to be a healthy one, with her being assertive to her needs and he complying.

After several videos of him being on his best behavior, it’s as though he’s lulling people into a false sense of security that he has reformed and become a better person. Nonetheless, there is the waiting for the eventual moment where he forgets and reverts back. The self-awareness, while much needed, has to be more than a series of videos for one album. It has to reflect outside of his career, which means no articles in Rolling Stone detailing his assaults on women as he faces weapons charges. Again.

Until Chris Brown’s actions in real life correspond with the sensitive male in his videos, it can only be taken at as marketing campaign intended for entertainment purposes only and cannot be an endorsement of any set of values.

Director: Chris Brown Year: 2015

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