Video Review: Hey Violet “Guys My Age”

Bathed in a hazy, electric neon light of blue and pink, a detached Rena sings into the camera.

At night, the band is playing in the parking lot of  a 50s-themed restaurant. Behind the band, is a car with light up aqua blue trim.

The band then sits in well-decorated car, dancing. Rena sits in the center of the backseat. Glued-on pink flamingos plastered to the hood. Red lights line the window with flowers on top with a pastel tie-dye interiors. Midnight blue smoke blows behind them. Rena’s hair is a sea green.

Sitting in a bubblegum pink bedroom, the band sits on a bed watching the tube television on a dresser. Rena has cherry red hair. She makes the smoking marijuana gesture with her fingers and rests on a fluffy pillow.

In the bathroom, she writes the band’s name in lipstick on the mirror. She puts her hands on her cheeks and raises her eyebrows. In the mirror, she sees hands trying to push through.

Lit by a hazy blue light, she walks to the door to receive some flowers from a stranger. She reaches for it and is transported to a pool, where she sits in the water on an inflatable swan. A tire, various multi-colored balls and an inflatable pretzel litter the pool. Laying on the inflatable swan, Casey plays with her cotton candy as people with unicorn heads observe in the water.

Against an electric curtain, Casey blows a bubble with her gum and then pops it. Miranda raises her arms. Iain smiles. The band dances with the unicorn people.

Back in the bedroom, the band has a pillow fight. In the parking lot, she dangles the microphone over her face.

Crickets chirp. The drive-through plays the band’s video. Rena’s boyfriend nudges her awake, telling her the movie is over. He continues to eat an entire package of pizza rolls, which annoy her. He notices her looking at him and asks “what?” He offers her some and she looks at the screen instead.

Rating: 0/5

An appreciation of kitsch is the well-decorated car. The glued-on pink flamingos looked to have been bought in a garage sale and inflated with some air to pop out. The bohemian flowers and bright lights evoke a personal holiday of sorts, extending cheer for another couple of months after drinking too much spiked eggnog.

However, the pretty pink princess bedroom plays with the Lolita image. Despite being a teenager, she still has the room of a little girl. However, she references drugs and wears a white dress. The child-like innocence comes across as manipulation and psychopathic. It’s as though she’s trying to be a character from a Gillian Flynn novel.

By the time the inflatable swans and unicorn people have shown up, the kitsch has become colorless. If the pool had less stuff in it, it would be easier to enjoy what is on screen. However, the video can’t pull off unicorn people. Some sort of explanation is needed for the absurdity or at least an acknowledgement of it being ridiculous. Then, it has a normal ending, which seems to excuse it as a dream. It can’t even own the kitsch and waves it off as not even happening.

Director: Sophia Ray Year: 2016

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