Video Review: Britney Spears & Tinashe “Slumber Party”

Outside a gate, Britney Spears waits in the vintage car. The gates creak open once she is identified by the staff of the mansion.

As Spears exits the car, she is wearing a red halter dress with a fur coat. While approaching the entrance, flames shoot. She lets her coat fall off her shoulders and onto the ground. A juggler entertains her as she reaches the steps.

The door opens. Spears walks up the Persian blue lit stairs while bubbles fly in the air. A man rests on the steps. A woman in a white leopard skin outfits glances at her. She passes partygoers hanging onto the walls.

The owner of the house, a man with a z-shaped mark on his face, eyes her.

Amidst smoke, Spears lies down on a couch. Lightning strikes behind her.

In another room, she and her dancers perform a routine under rotating sapphire blue, citrus orange which then blend together.

Next, Tinashe lies down on the couch. Spears sits near her legs. Then, Spears sits up and rubs Tinashe’s arms. They almost kiss. Tinashe lies down in Spears’ lap. Spears kicks off her heel.

In the dining room, Spears kneels on the table and then crawls on all fours.

In the other room, Spears and Tinashe dance together under a currant red light then switching to a splash of lavender . Some dancers briefly join in the routine and then disappear. Tinashe touches Britney from her chest to her thighs.

The man waits at the end of the table for her, half-asleep. She licks up the milk on table.

She, Tinashe and the other dancers sit closely together, touching one another.

On the table, Spears swings her legs back and forth.

In yet another room, rainbow colored paint powder is sprayed at the partygoers, splattering the walls.

Spears lies down on the couch, playing with her hair. The doors close to the mansion

Rating: 1/5

The rich stranger, owner the mansion and with a distinct mark on his face, seems congenial. He invites countless people to his lavish parties and prefers to watch them interact.

When encountered with Britney Spears, he seems half-drugged and paralyzed in his movements as the result.

The owner seems congenial, inviting countless peopel to his lavish parties. and inviting countless people to his parties, it could be anyone.

Director: Colin Tilley Year: 2016

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