Video Review: DJ Snake & George Maple “Talk”

Over electrical wires, a woman screams. A play set with a broken swing is shown. The woman basks in the neon lights of an empty club and then sits at a table by herself. She yells in her trailer and then sits outside on the swing, staring at the sky. On a granite hill, she looks to see the industrial buildings next to her. She sits in her  mauve painted bedroom, ceiling fan blowing above her, staring into the distance. She folds her hands together.

At the beach, she runs her hand over the sand and then turns away from the ocean. While at an abandoned park, she kicks a ball around.

In her room, she stares at a red halter dress she bought for a special occasion. She walks into her backyard, where her laundry is hanging on the clothesline. She examines the scraps left at the junkyard.

At the club, a woman asks her a question. She doesn’t say anything.

Back at the junkyard, she watches a crane drop a truck and then watches from her trailer. Two men wheel a blue car to her. She touches the siding.

After cleaning off the car, she takes it for a drive and then eats her carry-out dinner on the hood of it. She kicks the ball to the bumper and then runs her hand along the seats as well as the steering wheel. She parks the car next to her while she eats out and then sucks on a lollipop while resting her arms on the fender. Then, she enjoys the view.

She sits at a restaraunt table, the keys clenched in her hand. She yells at the car while eating at the outdoor diner. She spots a woman leaning against her car and checking her phone and then comes out screaming from her trailer. She assaults the woman, hitting her head on the hood.

The woman screams again insider her trailer and cries. She smacks the hood and kicks it the driver’s side door. She refuses to watch the cars drop with it and then hits the steering wheel.

The headlights turn on and she turns around. She cries into the fender. She grabs gasoline and pours it all over the car. Black smoke fills the sky as she watches the car burn.

She basks in the neon lights of the club.

Rating: 3.5/5

The young woman’s isolation and crippling loneliness is uncomfortable to see. She has nothing in her life: job, friends, family. Her home is the junkyard, which she seems to believe she belongs.

The kindness of two men bringing her the car is unparalleled. The car brings her joy. It’s something that is hers and no one else has. She takes it everywhere with her. A woman tries to reach her at the restaurant but she doesn’t respond. Human interaction has failed her. She needs something that won’t judge her or say a harsh word.

The damage to her self-esteem does not allow her to view the woman leaning on the car as inconsiderate. She sees it as a betrayal of the car first. The car wants someone else and no longer loves her. She can no longer stand to be with it and discards it in a brutal manner, suggesting she shouldn’t have any pets.

The video’s humanity is in the strangers who try: the two men who give her the car and the woman at the restaurant. They care about her, even if she doesn’t recognize it. It’s those three people who will miss her and seek her out if anything were to happen to her.

Director: Emil Nava Year: 2016

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