Video Review: Tina Turner “What’s Love Got To Do With It”

The skyline of downtown New York City is seen. A tour boat sails through the Hudson River.She watches the boat and then turns around.

Against a black background, she sings. As she walks, she and a man look into one another’s eyes. As she leaves, he continue to check her out.

She exits the subway and walks down the street. She pauses to buy a newspaper from a street vendor. As she passes by townhouses, she sees a group of people playing dice on the sidewalk. One guy rubs his hands together. Another guy gets in her face and she pushes him aside. She and the first guy dance a little on the sidewalk and she connects with another man before leaving. She leans back into the man’s shoulders.

She passes by a chain-link fence where men hang onto it, watching her. She smiles as she passes children playing with the water spouting from the fire hydrant.

A young woman jump ropes as her two friends move it. In an alley, she sees a man and woman fighting. She breaks them apart and warns them. She sees a friends of hers and taps her on her shoulder.Her friend joins her in her walk.

She pauses at a chalk drawing of her on the sidewalk.

Rating: 4.5/5

Tina Turner meets many men who would love to date her. While she enjoys the initial flirtation, it’s all she is able to give. A relationship would be an emotional upheaval for her. She can’t provide the support the needed to sustain a serious relationship. Now, it’s just fun.

The loving gaze the video gives to the skyline of New York in the opening, lingering on it and taking in the view, is one of admiration. Watching the tour boat pass by, the camera falls even harder, wanting to experience the first time visit all over again.It’s the day-to-day activity of the city, unseen by television shows, which reflects its true love.

Director: Mark Robinson Year: 1984


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