Video Review: Zay Hilfigerr & Zayion McCall “Juju On That Beat (TZ Anthem)”

In the suburbs, a sign by a house advertises that it’s for rent. A moving van rolls up with a painted picture of Zay Hilfigerr and Zayion McCall. The neighbors, sitting across the seat on their porch, comment that someone is moving in next door.

A bunch of teenagers run out of a Jeep. Someone opens the door of the moving van and people begin moving boxes. The woman’s husband recommends that they should go over there and “look cool.”He adds then they will keep the noise down. She dons a pair of oversized kelly green sunglasses and he wears a baseball hat with a kelly green stripe on it. They dance a little on the sidewalk.

Hilfigerr says it’s great to meet them. However, the husband says in his most firm voice to be quiet. Hilfigerr says not to worry. In unison, Hilfigerr and McCall say “don’t call the cops, just call us.”

Their friends dance on the front lawn of the house while they dance behind a garage.

Against a black background with some indigo lighting, the duo continue to rap.

Lit in blinding lapis, the duo dance at a house party.

A girl looks out her bedroom window and then joins the party.

The husband, with the cell phone to his ear, has made the call to the police. His wife puts her hand over her mouth.

The police arrive at the home. The officer knocks on the door. One of their friends answers and giggles. McCall wonders what is going on. Hilfigerr prepares for the lecture. However, the officer joins in on the dancing.

The duo finishes rapping by the garage.

Rating: 0/5

The sitcom antics of the video begin with the out of touch neighbors wanting to be appeal to the teenagers. However, their ears are scandalized by a ripped off sample the husband might’ve misheard while on the way to his 9-5 job at the office.

The teenagers and kids have declared it as the new fad, dancing along to it. The police officer thinks the kids are all right and parties with them. The party is saved by Hilfigerr’s pout of “don’t tell my parents.”

It belongs on Instagram video, where it would’ve been created by an app like GifBoom, posted on the Internet for a week and gotten its million views through various posting on social media. It’s only other mention for being the top Youtube videos of the year and returning back to obscurity.

Director: N/A Year: 2016

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