Video Review: Belinda Carlisle “Mad About You”

Belinda Carlisle jogs around the neighborhood.

In home video footage, lit in an olive green, she sits on a lawn chair, wearing sunglasses and smoking a cigarette. She drinks some coffee and relaxes.

Her boyfriend (real-life husband Morgan Mason) walks out of work and meets her by the common area. He leans over and gives her a kiss.

As the palm trees speed by, Carlisle’s image fades into view.

From the family room window, she gazes outside. In the bathroom, she adjusts her coat. Her boyfriend comes inside and kisses her. She gets off the couch and heads for the crate. She picks out Yma Sumac’s Mambo! album and then dances by the glass window, leading to the backyard.

She dances on the beach and then runs through the highlighted pink tinted with orange and lavender.

In home video footage, she picks out some flowers at the store. Her boyfriend reads Secrets magazine.

Her face is imposed over the a busy road filled with traffic.

Back at home, she dances with her boyfriend. While he lies in bed, smoking a cigarette, she decides to hop on the bed to the other side.

In her backyard, she hangs out with one of her friends. When her friend leaves, she kisses her friend goodbye. With his guitar, Andy Taylor plays his guitar while sitting in the lawn chair. She listens to him play.

Driving in the car, she looks towards the camera, the late evening sun glistening on her face. After watching her dance, he tosses his magazine onto the floor and joins her. She falls on the bed and her boyfriend follows her, kissing her neck.

Over the aged footage of her on the beach, she sings.

Rating: 4.5/5

Belinda Carlisle exhibits a quiet grace with an unbounded euphoria. Love has tamed her. Her mischievousness is still there but it’s become goofiness instead. Her rebelliousness has faded and her current relationship has gotten her to grow up, thinking beyond the next high. Her boyfriend sees her life as important and finally, she does, too.

Her musician friends, like Andy Taylor, stop by and support her solo effort. Given the issues that lead to the break-up of  The Go-Go’s, the video seems to be a fresh start for her. She’s cleaned up and in a healthy relationship, having a career she likes again.

The romanticized colors, like the tinted sunlight and olive green, are velvety and smooth. The sun has a warm glow to it, suggesting a breezy 80 degree day while the unusual olive green is stabilizing. It seems as though it’s been discolored through age, setting the relationship up as long-term and lasting.

Director: Leslie Libman Year: 1986


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